Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

LED Weapons for Cosplay and Martial Arts

LED Weapons for Cosplay and Martial Arts
We just got the new upgraded versions of our LED weapons, so I had to make a video to show them off to you! This week for Weapons Wednesday, I took a look at our new rechargeable LED escrima, bo staff and nunchaku and highlighted some of their features.

We've been selling our original versions of the LED weapons for years and our customers love them! They are perfect for cosplay or martial arts demonstrations. Because we use really strong materials in the manufacturing process, they are virtually indestructible and look amazing.

Our original LED weapons are awesome, but there are some really great things we did to upgrade the rechargeable versions of them. First off, we made them a little thinner. The original versions have a diameter of approximately 1.25", which is a pretty good size for martial arts training, but some of our customers mentioned that they would prefer them to be a little thinner, so our new rechargeable versions have a diameter of approximately 1".

Next, we redesigned the look to make them more stunning. You'll notice that the rechargeable versions just look a little more polished with their new grip lines and accent points. We also added different light settings, so now they have a high-light, low-light and strobe effect feature.

Last and most importantly, our new versions are rechargeable using a USB cable. That means you no longer need to change out the batteries over time. So, overall, the new rechargeable versions are a major upgrade to our original versions.

Here are the rechargeable LED weapons I mentioned in this video:

1) Rechargeable LED Escrima

2) Deluxe Rechargeable LED Escrima

3) Rechargeable LED Nunchucks

4) Deluxe Rechargeable LED Nunchucks

5) Rechargeable LED Bo Staff

6) Deluxe Rechargeable LED Bo Staff

Here's the video:

Which one is your favorite?

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