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What Gear Do I Need For My First Martial Arts Class?

One of the most frequent questions our customer service team hears is What supplies do I need for my first martial arts class? Id like to begin by stating that it is always best to discuss this question with your instructor prior to purchasing anything, but we will cover some of the more common beginner supplies.

The first and most obvious piece of equipment you will need when joining a new martial arts school is a uniform. The style, weight, and color of the uniform will vary based on the martial art you decide to study. Most schools tend to use the traditional uniform for their art. For instance, if you are joining a Karate school, you will most likely use a Karate uniform, and if you are joining a Kung Fu school, you will probably use a Kung Fu uniform, but this isnt always the case. I have visited many Tae Kwon Do schools where the students use Karate uniforms and many Jiu Jitsu schools where the students wear a Judo Gi. The other aspect you need to be aware of is that many uniform styles come in various weights. Different systems of Karate may require you to use a heavier or lighter weight uniform during class. Also, martial arts known for their powerful grabs and takedowns typically use a heavier gi than martial arts known for their fast movements and acrobatic kicks. White is the most popular color used in most dojos, but many schools allow their students to wear different colors as their belt rank gets higher.

Almost all martial arts schools begin their students with a white belt to symbolize that they are brand new to the system. The belt ranking system varies with the dojo you join, but white is the universal color for a beginner martial artist. Many martial arts uniforms include a white belt, which makes the process of choosing the correct belt a little bit easier.

The next thing you must consider purchasing when you begin a martial arts class is protective gear. In most dojos, beginner students are only allowed light physical contact and are not given permission to spar until they have earned a higher belt rank. Because of this, you will probably only need a groin protector and mouth guard in the beginning. As you begin sparring, more elaborate sparring gear will be required. Most schools prefer to use foam padded sparring gear, but many have adopted the use of vinyl or leather protective equipment. To guarantee that you purchase the correct gear, always ask your instructor what protective equipment is needed during sparring practice as well as tournaments.

The last item you may need when joining a new dojo is a pair of martial arts shoes. While it is still common to see students in bare feet in most dojos, martial art shoes are quickly increasing in popularity. Some instructors allow their students to wear inexpensive cotton or rubber sole Kung Fu shoes, but others expect their pupils to use a light weight pair of Karate shoes built to provide additional ankle support and shock resistance. Martial arts shoes can be expensive, so you will want to see what the other students in class are wearing before purchasing a pair.

As you advance in your chosen style, there are many other items you may wish to purchase including weapons, books, videos, and training equipment. If you ever need any help finding the correct martial arts equipment to use in your style, please contact us anytime.

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6/20/15 - 4:34am
My child started martial arts and thanks it really helped😏

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