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What is the Best Bo Staff for Martial Arts?

What is the Best Bo Staff for Martial Arts?
A few weeks ago in one of my videos, I asked the question "What weapon would you like to see me review?". To my surprise, the majority of people who responded to the post asked for me to review our bo staffs. So, for Weapons Wednesday this week, I decided to spend some time discussing the various staffs we sell and answer some of the most common questions we get from our customers about the staffs. I also decided to show off some of the more unique staves we manufacture including the collapsible bo staff, LED bo staff and the steel bo staff.

The first question I wanted to answer was "What size bo staff should I use for martial arts?". Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to that question. Generally, you want to choose a staff that is close to your height. So, for me, because I am 6'4", I generally use a 6 foot staff, but it completely depends on the style of martial arts you are training in and what your instructor would prefer you to use. For instance, I have trained in several martial arts where the instructor asked me to train with a 4 foot staff, and there are other martial arts where they choose to use a much longer waxwood staff. So, you will need to consult your instructor to determine what is right for your class.

We also often get asked the question, "Which bo staff should I choose for my martial arts training?". In this video, I review some of the staffs we carry in hopes that it will help you answer that question.

Here's the Video:

Here is a list of the staffs I review in this video:

1) Black Foam Bo Staff

2) Straight Hardwood Bo

3) Rattan Bo with Skin

4) Steel Bo Staff

5) High-Impact LED Bo Staff

6) Deluxe LED Bo Staff

7) Collapsible Bo Staff

8) Metallic Blue Collapsible Bo Staff

9) Gold 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

Which bo staff do you like best?

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3/18/21 - 8:56am
Thank you so much. The Bo has long been a favorite weapon of mine. I was actually just looking into this stuff, so great timing with the video. I am very thankful for your website. Its great to know there are other weapon nerds out there!

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