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3 New and Exciting Products on KarateMart.com

Living up to our New Year's resolution, KarateMart.com has added several new and exciting items to our already large selection. We fully believe that our new products will be top sellers with you, our customers. The staff at KarateMart.com went above and beyond to find products that we know you will be impressed and satisfied with.

Weapon Targets

First on our list of new products are our new target posters. We have added so many target posters that you may have noticed the new category on our sight under Weapons, "Weapons Targets." There are exactly 11 new poster targets ranging from scoring targets to fun and exciting zombie targets. Each target poster is designed to increase your accuracy and reaction time while you have fun practicing your form. Whether you are looking to improve your skills with throwing knives, stars, or blowguns, these posters are sure to help.

Chuck Norris Graphic Tees

Who doesn't get a laugh out of Chuck Norris jokes? The staff at KarateMart.com certainly does, which is why we are sure that you will love these shirts. With 4 new Chuck Norris shirts available to you and many more to come, KarateMart.com is positive that you will find one that is right for you.

KarateMart.com T-Shirts

Possibly the most exciting news for KarateMart.com customers and staff will be our new KarateMart.com t-shirts. Each t-shirt will come in a variety of exciting colors and be personally designed by one of our staff members. Even though you will not have the option to customize your own shirts, we are fully confident that you will love our new designs.

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