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Hot New MMA Gear Hits KarateMart.com

It's been a little while since we got a chance to showcase any new MMA Gear at the store. So for today's post we're going to go over some of the new pieces of MMA Equipment that just arrived this week. Hopefully it'll be just what you've been looking for to supplement some of those super-intense training and sparring sessions. As always, we want to make sure we are providing all of you martial artists with what you're looking for. So if there's anything you'd like to see on KarateMart's virtual shelves, please feel free to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or even directly through email. We're always looking for new and interesting products to make available to our loyal visitors.

Ringstar Shin Instep and Toe Pads

First up is our brand new set of Ringstar Shin Instep and Toe Pads. To say these things give you amazing protection would be a bit of an understatement. Molded from high density, closed cell, foam padding, these shin instep guards will give you all the leg protection you need whilst squaring off in the octagon. The only thing more surprising than the protection they offer is their weight. Because of the lightweight foam used in these things, they provide such a natural fit to your legs that you'll hardly notice you're wearing them at all. For those really hard-core sparring sessions, don't forget your martial arts chest protector. Nobody wants a cracked rib from sparring.

Destroyer MMA Rash Guard

One of the newest additions to our Destroyer line of MMA rash guards, this super comfortable fight gear is made from 100% polyester to create a breathable, form fitting fight shirt. Don't be satisfied with just getting the take-down when you shoot for the legs, make sure you look good doing it.

Destroyer MMA Gloves

We picked up these Destroyer MMA Gloves to go with the new Destroyer Rash Guard. Your hands are the most important tool you have in a MMA fight, so it's probably a good idea to protect them with the best gear possible right? These thick-padded, vinyl grappling gloves feature the popular 'open palm' design and are made from a super durable vinyl. Whether you're new to the octagon or a seasoned vet, you'll be able to enjoy the quality comfort of these MMA gloves.

Destroyer Youth Handwraps

For the younger MMA enthusiasts out there, the Destroyer Youth Handwraps will give maximum protection for a range of hand sizes. Made from 100% cotton with an elastic weave, these wraps have a maximum stretch of 2 inches per foot. They measure in at 2 inches wide and 160 inches long with a velcro closure. Of course, if you're in a rush to hit the wrestling mats, you can always invest in a solid pair of MMA Quick Wraps for quick-wrap protection with slip-on convenience.

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