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Self-Defense Technique of the Week - Escape the Sleeper Hold

While working for KarateMart.com, I've been lucky enough to meet some incredible martial arts instructors. One of the instructors I've been privileged to spend quite a bit of time with is Shihan Albert Fabian, a 7th degree black belt in Aiki-Jujitsu.

Recently, I mentioned to Shihan Fabian that I would be interested in creating a series of blog posts on KarateMart.com that would highlight different martial arts self-defense techniques to help our readers learn to defend themselves a little better. Shihan Fabian was kind enough to invite me to his house to show me how to perform some great escapes on one of his students. THANKS ALBERT!

Without Further Ado...Video 1: How to Escape from a Rear Choke (Sleeper Hold)

Be on the lookout for next weeks self-defense technique!

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10/16/13 - 11:41pm
I like it

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