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New Weapons This Week! Claws, Whips & Spears!

New Weapons This Week! Claws, Whips & Spears!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, instead of having a theme like I usually do, I chose to just show off some of the new weapons on KarateMart.com. In this video, I reviewed everything from combat hand claws to leather bull whips to stun guns. And perhaps the thing I was most excited to show off was our new Bounty Hunter Spear.

When choosing the items for this video, I wanted to start with the Railroad Spike Fist Blade because it is such a unique looking knife. It is actually hand-forged using a real railroad spike. Next, I chose to look at the Steel Combat Claw because I thought it was important to show our customers the positive and negative things about this specific claw. We carry a bunch of different claws on KarateMart.com, but this one is unique in that it isn't sharpened. In addition to the claws, I also tried on a pair of Urban Ninja Gloves because they pair really nicely with the claws for a finished look.

Next, I reviewed two of our newest leather bull whips. A couple of months ago, some people mentioned on our YouTube channel that they thought it would be cool if we carried some high quality bull whips. So, I spent some time researching whips and found the Handmade Leather Bull Whip and the Genuine Leather Bull Whip. Both are hand-made and feel like very high-quality whips.

In this video, I also wanted to test out one of our newest stun guns, so I chose to review the Concealed Stun Ring. And, as usual, I had my assistant test it out on me to make sure that it is actually an effective self-defense weapon.

Last, but certainly not least, I showed off our new 2-Piece Bounty Hunter Spear. A few months ago, I released a video where I made a Bounty Hunter Spear on the fly without any preparation. The video turned out great, so definitely check it out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. But, our engineers finally completed our updated version of it for sale on the website, so I wanted to show it off.

Here are the items I reviewed in this video:

1) Railroad Spike Fist Blade

2) Steel Combat Claw

3) Urban Ninja Gloves

4) Handmade Leather Bull Whip

5) Genuine Leather Bull Whip

6) Concealed Stun Ring

7) 2-Piece Bounty Hunter Spear

Here's the video:

Which one is your favorite?

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