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The Martial Arts Week In Review: A Web Roundup

This week saw a lot of interesting things go down that at nearly every level of the martial arts world. From mixed-martial-arts news to upcoming martial arts video games and newly opening movies, martial arts fans were anything but let down. But...

If you haven't yet had the chance to browse around the interweb for your favorite sports news, your friends here at KarateMart.com have you covered. We've rounded up a short list of some of the more interesting tidbits that surfaced this week. So let the weekend begin to set in, dial into Friday mode, and enjoy what we've put together for you.

Here's your Weekly Link Roundup in no particular order:

  • Why Boxing Presents a Better Product than MMA - Over at boxing news site East Side Boxing, James Harrison presents a very convincing argument centered around the eternal Boxing versus MMA debate. A very thoughtful and well-written piece, you should definitely give it a read if you have a minute.

  • 14 Awesome UFC Head Kick Photos - Heavy.com put together an amazing series of high-quality photographs consisting primarily of head kicks. Some (like Condit vs Diaz) aren't really 'head kick' photos, while others (Aldo vs Florian) are very much so.

  • The Raid: Redemption premiered this week - If the premise/trailer for this martial arts action-fest weren't enough to peak your interest, then perhaps it's 86% Rotten Tomatoes score will.

  • Georges St-Pierre enters the video game arena - Square Enix announced a partnership with MMA legend GSP to harness his hand-to-hand combat prowess in sharpening the fighting system on upcoming martial arts game Sleeping Dogs whose release date was announced just today.

  • We try our hardest to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest martial arts sports and entertainment news! If you've found something you've enjoyed, want to see more of, or just have a comment about, please throw us some feedback in the comments section below!

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