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Self-Defense Technique of the Week - How to Escape a Headlock

One of the most popular self-defense techniques taught in martial arts classes around the world is the defense against a headlock. Chances are, sometime throughout your life, you have been unlucky enough to be put in a headlock. Growing up, I can't remember how many times I saw kids in my class put into headlocks and given a noogie.

Shihan Albert Fabian, a 7th degree black belt in Aiki-Jujitsu from the Phoenix area, was nice enough to demonstrate how to properly escape a headlock. Make sure to be careful when practicing this technique so that you do not injure your partner.

Video 3: How to Escape from a Headlock

Check back next week for another technique!

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4/24/16 - 4:59pm
karate is the best way to defend yourself rather than using a gun.

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