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New Weapons This Week! Which One Would You Choose?

New Weapons This Week!  Which One Would You Choose?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of the newest weapons we just added to the KarateMart.com website. Watch the video to see my review of each of these awesome new weapons.

Last week, Amanda had the opportunity to choose her favorite weapons for us to review. This week, Will was able to choose his favorite items from the large stack of new weapons we are currently in the process of adding to the website.

The first weapon William chose for me to test out was the Brass Tiger Claws. I was so excited to see these new weapons because they reminded me of something from an old Kung Fu movie. These stunningly beautiful claws weigh about 6.5 ounces each and have four 2" claws. They are not only beautiful, but are sharp enough to be a very effective martial arts weapon with some practice. I wanted to try them out, so I tested them on a basketball, soda bottle and a watermelon. Watch the video to see how they performed!

The next weapon I reviewed was the Keyfob Switchblade. I love hidden weapons, and I especially love hidden weapons that are indistinguishable from everyday items. That's why I love the keyfob switchblade. It looks exactly like a keyfob you would carry for your vehicle, but contains a blade that measures approximately 1.5". While that may seem like a small blade to you, with a little bit of practice, it can be an effective weapon. Watch the video to see this little hidden weapon in action!

The third weapon I reviewed was the Full-Tang Tactical Kukri. This is definitely one of our higher quality weapons, and it's obvious when you see it up close. The blade is made from a 5Cr15Mov Steel, which is commonly used for chef's knives. That is the perfect steel for this blade because it is very corrosion resistant and extremely easy to sharpen. The handle of this kukri features a dark ebony wood on top and what appears to be a durable micarta for the lower half. Watch the video to see an upclose view of this beautiful weapon.

The fourth weapon I tested was the Quick Draw Karambit. This was probably my favorite weapon from this weeks video because it was so unique...plus, I absolutely love karambit knives. The most impressive thing about this folding karambit is that it instantly opens when you pull it from the sheath. The blade of this knife is made from an 8Cr13Mov steel which is known for being both corrosion resistant and very wear resistant, making it an excellent choice for this knife. I also love the feel of the G10 handle, which makes this knife a must-have for any knife enthusiast. Be sure to watch the video to see how quickly this thing can be deployed from it's sheath!

The last weapon I reviewed was the Kangxi Imperial War Sword. Kangxi was an emperor during the Qing dynasty and this Chinese Dao sword is inspired by a sword he carried. The thing I like the most about this specific sword is the cast zinc-aluminum handle. While the metal handle does make this sword very heavy, the detail of the handle makes the added weight totally worth it. The blade itself is forged from a 75Mn spring steel and measures in at approximately 21.5". Despite this sword being one of the most beautiful swords I've ever encountered, I knew I needed to test it out. Watch the video to see how well this sword can cut!

Here's the video:

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