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Kunai Naming Contest Winners

Kunai Naming Contest Winners

 We got some fun names for our new red and blue kunai. Now it is time to announce the winners and the names of these new throwing knives. 

Our red kunai are called the Blood Fang Kunai (thanks to YouTuber Malicious) and the blue ones are called the Midnight Storm Kunai (thanks to Justin Lai on Facebook). These two dudes get some free throwing weapons that we used in our earlier video on throwing weapons.


Choosing these names was not easy, as you can see in the video below where we weigh the pros and cons of many of the proposed names



Thanks go out to everyone who participated. We'll be doing more of these contests in the future.


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5 Comment(s)
Master Robert A. Brazzale
4/24/18 - 9:48am
Thank you Karate Mart for all your help in the past. Looking forward to the future!
4/24/18 - 7:19pm
Thanks so much Karate Mart. I appreciate it and I’m probably buying 10 sets of the kunai just cause i named it. 👌🏽
4/25/18 - 8:23pm
Hellow my name is Martinmum. Wery good-hearted art! Thx :)
karate king
5/11/18 - 11:23am
that is a good game but HELEN DANIEL still is asking for the upgraded kunai
6/10/18 - 7:36pm
I love it

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