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Revenge of the Mall Ninja Weapons! Knives, Push Sword, Kunai, and Tomahawk

Revenge of the Mall Ninja Weapons! Knives, Push Sword, Kunai, and Tomahawk
During this week on Weapons Wednesday, Amanda and Mel wanted to see how durable mall ninja items can be in our latest video.  The wanted to test the sharpness of the blades, the tips and even how strong they are against cinder blocks.  Make sure to view the video to see which one did the best, you will be shocked when you see the winner!

The first weapon that was tested this week was the Dragon Tail Razor Knife.   This unique blade is one of the most aesthetically pleasing knives that we currently have in our collection of mall ninja weapons.  The detailed dragon is made out of some sort of cast metal with the dragon having a ferocious face.  The handle is made out of a comfortable ABS plastic while makes it very comfortable to hold and use.  The metal blades unsharpened but they do have semi-sharp tips, which is perfect for anyone who wants a show stopper piece in their collection.  The knife even comes with a sturdy stand to make sure you can show it off in style!

For the first test with the pallet, the head of the dragon fell off when it was being used.  It was easy to see that the cast metal body was not fastened with anything, but the girls were able to fix the problem with a bit of epoxy.  The tips of the blades were able to succeed in the next test though when they were testing the tips.  The body ended up falling off like the head in the strength test as well, but the ladies believed that you can also epoxy the body back in to make the razor knife a little more secure.  Overall, they thought it was an excellent showcase weapon for your friends to adore, but it wasn't the best at being an overall weapon.  Check out the video to see the full review!

The next weapon that they tested was the Legendary Anime Kunai.  This massive 11 inch knife is one of the biggest kunai that we carry.  This weapon is reminiscent of kunai used in very popular anime shows.  Made from a solid metal alloy, this weapon has unsharpened blades with a blunted tip, which makes it perfect for displaying on your wall.  It has a wide pommel ring which makes you able to go from reverse to extended grip with ease.  The kunai also features a tan nylon cord, which was one of the concerns with the girls since they believe it would come off with extreme use.  For the first test with the pallet, Mel really tried to break it with the chops on the dull blades, but it was able to take some of the wood off without damaging the blade much.  For the second test, the tip was able to pierce the soda with not too much of an issue.  Amanda believed if she has a better grip (she hit the soda in reverse grip), it would have been able to make the soda explode.  The kunai was unable to hold up well against the cinder block though.  With the extreme hits that Mel was doing with it, the unsharpened blade did get some damage while the tip crumpled when hit hard against the blade.  In the end, this weapon held up better than the girls thought, but obviously don't hit a cinder block with it.  View the video to see the all of the tests!

The third weapon that the girls reviewed was the Dark Venom Push Sword.  Even though this sword was previously tested in a different video, the girls wanted to do some extreme testing on it to see what it can do.  The full-tang stainless steel blade has a black and red anodized finish that really gives it a unique look.  The thermoplastic handle has a great ergonomic grip that makes the blade feel secure in your hands.  It has extensive venting all throughout the sword, a sharpened straight edge blade and sharp ridges along the back of the blade to really give this push sword an intimidating look.  It also comes with a nylon velcro wrist strap and a nylon sheath with a belt loop.  The first test that was done for blade actually stood up better than Amanda was expecting and the second test was so easy even though Mel got soak with soda.  The cinder block test was the most interesting though.  The edges on the back of the blade ended up getting destroyed by the block, but the blade actually stood up very well and only had minor cosmetic dings.  The sword interesting and also effective, but Amanda does recommend replacing the arm strap to something a bit more sturdy to provide a more secure grip when using it.

For the fourth weapon, the girls took a look at the Dark Assassin Tomahawk.  This weapon is ideal for anyone that needs something to complete the cosplay of this very popular video game series.  The tomahawk is made entirely of black injected-molded polypropylene and is tough while also having being very lightweight weighing just over 11 ounces.  Since the weapon is made of polypropylene, there are no sharpened blades or tips.  Even the back portion of the tomahawk has a round blunt tip as well.  For the first test, Mel was able to get a lot of wood off of the pallet when using the tomahawk, which was very impressive for both of the girls.  Since everything is unsharpened though, it soda when the only one that was unable to piece a soda bottle, even after Amanda tried multiple different times.  The cinder block test was interesting; it was able to hold up pretty well but there was blemishes on the head of the tomahawk and the tip was smashed a bit, but overall if was able to stay intact and the girls were impressed with it.  It is definitely more of a cosplay prop though, it would be perfect for anyone going to conventions, small get togethers, etc.  See the video to make sure you get the full review!

The final weapon that was tested out today was the Legendary Hunter Knife.  This very thick 440 stainless steel blade is definitely one of the most unique weapon of this video.  The knife features a gut hook as well as a hole in the middle of the blade for aesthetic appeal.  The blade and the tip are very sharp, and since it is so thick the weight is one pound, eight ounces.  The handle is the most... unique part of it though.  It features two rings on the handle that is used as the grip, which made it a little awkward to hold.  The leather wrapping did make it more comfortable though and the genuine leather sheath makes it easy to carry on the go.  The first test really surprised Amanda though, the handle ended up being very comfortable when hitting against the pallet and it was able to take parts of it off very easily.  The with the tip being so sharp, it was easy to break the soda with no issue, leaving Mel soaked in soda at the end.  Even the cinder block test for the durability was also surprising.  It was able to cut into it with ease and only had very minor damage after hard use.  Mel was even able to break the cinder block in half!  Overall, the girls thought that this knife was the best combat ready mall ninja weapon that we carried.  Check out the video to see how awesome this is!

Here's the video:

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