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Throwing Weapons Giveaway Contest

Throwing Weapons Giveaway Contest

 We've got some throwing weapons looking for a home. Why not compete for the chance to win them?

See the video for details:



As we explain in the video, we're giving away a few of the throwing weapons we used to demonstrate, well, throwing weapons. This includes the Rainbow Throwing Star Set, Silver Throwing Star Set, Steel Blue Bat Throwers, Joker Throwing Cards, and Ninja Throwing Spikes with Tassels.


Entering the giveaway contest is easy. We've got two new sets of kunai that each need names:


  • On YouTube (in the comments section of the above video), give a name suggestion for the red kunai
  • On Facebook (in the comments section here), give a name suggestion for the blue kunai


Once you do one of those things, you'll be entered into the contest. The best name (as judged by us) gets some of the free throwing stuff. We'll announce the winners here and on on social media. Then we'll get your address privately (like, by email or DM). Anybody can participate as long as you're over 18 and you have a valid US address that we can send kunai to.


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15 Comment(s)
4/10/18 - 3:52pm
I what the joker throwing cards
Kayden Brower
4/10/18 - 5:12pm
The Crimson Kunai! If I had the money I’d order more from your site.
4/10/18 - 6:01pm
4/10/18 - 6:10pm
YouTube- blood knives or crimson knifes Facebook-blue birdie knives or sky knives Either one I just want throwing weapons
4/10/18 - 7:38pm
You should call them blood shot
4/10/18 - 8:55pm
KarateMart.com Team
4/11/18 - 9:17am
You guys should comment on Facebook or YouTube to enter the contest.
Mafia Pasta
4/11/18 - 4:25pm
Hey, when will the winner be announced?
4/12/18 - 10:05am
We'll likely announce it by the end of next week.
4/19/18 - 4:45pm
Call the red ones blood kunai and the blue ones crip kunai. You olny wear the blue ones on the left said ya cuz thats the crip side!
4/20/18 - 8:14am
red junai red trowingspike
5/3/18 - 12:49pm
Blood splatter
bajram kuqi {NINJA FIBRE}
6/27/18 - 1:20pm
i would like to call thaem the blood blades or the death blades
12/11/21 - 3:17pm
I like the cards, but i think i like the kuni knives better and maybe the spikes better yet
4/3/22 - 1:06am
I think the red kunai should be called blade of death/the red sand while the blue should be called ocean rage/blue falcon I really want those weapons

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