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Knife Giveaway Contest

Knife Giveaway Contest

 We've got sharpening stones that are designed for taking a sharp edge and making it sharper. When we decided to use them, it turned into a great adventure. It also turned out to be great for you, dear readers, because we've got a giveaway contest for anyone who likes sharp things.

We sell two sharpening stones. The Japanese Water Sharpening Stone and the Professional Water Sharpening Stone. The water stones are similar to each other in that they are designed for sharpening by hand and take a bit of practice to get the technique right. When you get your knife sharpening technique right with these water sharpening stones, you can sharpen knives to levels only dreamed of by expert samurai and elite swordsmen of the past.


When we decided to try our hand at the sharpening stones, we picked a knife that we figured would be easy to sharpen, the Full Tang Combat Tanto. This knife is easier because it doesn't have a curved edge, which would have brought more of a challenge. It turns out that the smaller Japanese Water Sharpening Stone was ideal for this, not only because the smaller size worked better for the smaller knife, but also because it has a higher grit, which allows for enhanced knife honing. From our experience, then, the larger water sharpening stone would be better for swords, machetes, bowie knives, and axes.


You can see the results of our sharpening experiment in the video below:



As we explain in the video, we're giving away the tanto knife that we honed to a fine point and the water sharpening stones that Ian used. Entering the giveaway contest is easy, but you've got to act quickly because we're announcing the winner on Wednesday, February 28th here and on social media. You can enter in one of the following ways:


  • On YouTube, write "Ooh! give it to me!" in the comment section of the above video.
  • On Facebook, share this video (it's the Facebook version of the same video) to your timeline.
  • On Instagram, tag three of your friends in the comments section of this post.
  • On Myspace, log out of your Myspace account, leave 2008, and use one of the above three methods.


Once you do one of those things, you'll be entered into the drawing and, on Wednesday February 28th, 2018, we'll pick a winner at random. Then we'll announce the winner here and on on social media. Then we'll get your address privately (like, by email or DM). Anybody can participate as long as you're over 18 and you have a valid US address that we can send the knife to.


Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media networks. You can even like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see us post fun new videos. If you haven't already, subscribe to our mailing list to get all kinds of deals and specials.

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6 Comment(s)
John McGuinness
2/20/18 - 5:11pm
OMG i would love a free sharpening stone for my canesword!
2/21/18 - 3:38pm
"ooh, Give me One!!!"
KarateMart.com Team
2/21/18 - 3:42pm
Don't forget to enter the contest, you guys.
Master Robert A. Brazzale
2/22/18 - 8:02am
Karatemart is a wonderful company to do business with. All the equipment, ghi’s and weapons are top notch. Items arrive quickly and in perfect condition. I’m looking forward to my next purchase!!
5/5/18 - 9:31am
Why do you not ship to the UK? I think Blood Moon would be a good name for a kunai
KarateMart.com Team
5/7/18 - 1:30pm
Hi Brooksie, we'd love to expand and ship internationally but we're still a relatively small company and lack the staff to physically take international packages to the post office to complete customs forms. We also have virtually zero recourse in the event of international fraud.

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