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Martial Arts MMO 'Age of Wushu' Adds Unique Style To Online Games

It has been some time since we last heard anything new about the much anticipated martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu. Until the games release at the end of last year that is. With the dust finally settling on the reviews, I wanted to give it a closer look before deciding if this game will be taking up any of my hard-earned freetime.

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The much-loved video game news blog Joystiq has an excellent resource for Age of Wushu running right now in which they cover in depth many of the game's strategies, tactics, and character classes. In a nutshell, Age of Wushu invites players to create a martial arts warrior, choose their specialization from an array of martial arts styles, and then unleash them on a fantastically luscious countryside.

Typically MMORPG's follow a fairly formulaic design that tends to boil down to one of three 'missions':

  • Kill creatures, loot, repeat.
  • Harvest items, loot, repeat.
  • Travel, fetch, return, repeat.

Where Age of Wushu succeeds is how it eschews these all-too-standard mechanics in favor of creating solid player immersion in a wonderfully fleshed out setting. It's a game that puts full control in the hands of the player rather than steer them forcefully through a series of quests and side-quests. Of course, the game is full of quests as well, allowing players who choose to play the game in typical MMO fashion (complete with PvP) to do so to their heart's content.

With 8 martial arts schools, 17 professions, and no levels whatsoever, Age of Wushu certainly gives even the most aggressive online gamer a large hunk of game to bite into. Unfortunately, what seems to be the biggest obstacle Age of Wushu must overcome is the same as any game of this type: competing for a large portion of a gamer's ever-dwindling segment of gaming time. In a market that is almost entirely funded by the hardcore, marathon, power-gamer, MMORPG's have a tough time struggling for their piece of the pie. Which is a shame, because I'd really love to give this game the attention it deserved, if only I had the time.

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