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Our Quest for Unique Martial Arts Supplies

When we first opened shop in the 1970ís, there was not a huge variety of martial arts supplies for us to carry. We sold a small assortment of Karate uniforms, traditional weapons, books, and training equipment, but very little protective equipment or accessories. During the 80ís and 90ís, as the martial arts grew in popularity, we saw a huge increase in new items we were able to offer our customers. Over the last 10 years however, it has become increasingly more difficult to find new and unique martial arts supplies. Donít get me wrong, variations of existing products are developed regularly. Everyday it seems like I come across a supplier selling a new color of sparring gear or a kick-shield with a slightly different design, but I am always on the lookout for something ďcompletelyĒ different from the norm.

I am very proud to announce that over the next few weeks, we are going to be adding a large variety of very unique items to KarateMart.com.

We have always been proud of our great selection of rubber and wooden training weapons, but I canít wait to release our new line of rubber and polypropylene practice weapons. Martial arts instructors are going to love the realism, weight, and durability of this new line of unique training weapons.

Our uniform selection is already pretty extensive, but we are expanding our lines of uniquely colored martial arts uniforms. We are going to start by increasing our variety of Tai Chi and Kung Fu uniforms. Within a couple of weeks, we will have long and short sleeve Kungfu uniforms available in an assortment of unique colors and styles. I canít wait to see how the Chinese martial arts community reacts to our amazing new uniforms.

Perhaps the most anticipated items we will be adding to the KarateMart.com are our new line of unique martial arts weapons. Sure, we already carry a great selection of quality weapons, but Iíve been searching far and wide for new types of weapons that you wonít find anywhere else. Just you wait and see!

If you have any suggestions for unique martial arts supplies we could sell on KarateMart.com, please contact us anytime. We are always looking for new items to make our website stand out!

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Colten dombroski
9/25/22 - 2:57pm
I love you website
Colten dombroski
9/25/22 - 2:58pm
I love your website, from the knives to ninja gear!

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