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Unique Weapons You Wish You Had!

Unique Weapons You Wish You Had!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of our most unique and popular weapons. Be sure to watch the video and vote for your favorite!

The first weapon we reviewed was the Brass Two-Finger Knuckles. There are generally two things I like to discuss when referring to knuckle dusters. One, it's very important to check your local laws before carrying a brass knuckle style weapon because the laws are very strict on these, and two, you need to know how to hold the pair of knuckle dusters you have correctly so that you don't hurt yourself. I discuss both of those things in the video, and also test out these two-finger knuckle dusters to see how well they work.

The second weapon I tested was the Railroad Spike Fist Blade. Probably the most unique thing about this weapon is that it is made from a carbon steel railroad spike, which gives it a very unusual look. Because of it's shape, I felt like it was important to test it out in various grips, so be sure to watch the video to see what I thought of this interesting weapon.

The third weapon I reviewed was the Modern Combat Scimitar. We reviewed a different scimitar a few weeks ago, but this one is unique because of how thin the handle is. I'm generally not the biggest fan of stainless steel, so I really wanted to test this blade out to see how it would perform. Watch the video to see how it did!

Next, I tested out two different throwing star sets. The first one is called the Arrowhead Throwing Star Set and it comes with three 6-point arrowhead throwing stars. The second set is called the Multicolor Arrowhead Ninja Stars and it includes four 4-Point arrowhead ninja stars. The thing I probably like the most about both of these ninja star sets is that they have brightly anodized stars, which makes it easy to find them if you are throwing them in the woods. Watch the video to see me test them out!

The last weapon I tested was the Ringed Seax Knife. I'm a huge fan of seax knives because of how well their design works for utility purposes in addition to being an excellent weapon. This specific seax knife has the addition of a ring on the pommel, which makes it easier to control in both forward and reverse grip. I really like this knife and wanted to test it out in a few different ways. Be sure to watch the video to see how it performed!

Here's the video:

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