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Add Some Style To Your Room Or Dojo With These Martial Arts Wall Decals

Stuck for a way to add some martial arts flair to that empty wall? Say no more. KarateMart.com has decided to scale up (pun intended) some of our more popular martial arts car decals to life-size proportions. You'll be able to find these bad boys under our brand-spankin' new Wall Decals section in our Accessories. Read on to check out the newest designs now available to you.

Taekwondo Sidekick Wall Decal

By far our most popular vinyl decal, this high-kicking karate silhouette is now ready to be placed on any wall-space big enough to handle it.

How big is it? Well, it measures 6 feet and 5 inches from the ground to the tip of his kicking foot. For width, it measures in at 6 feet and 6 inches from the tip of his kicking foot to the back of his head. From the ground to the top of his head is only 5 feet. So yeah, this is probably going to be as big as most of the people that decorate their walls with it. The great thing about this giant vinyl decal is that it clings so well to the wall that it's placed on that it genuinely looks like it is painted on.

Ninja Warrior Wall Decal

This is the decal you put on your wall to scare off all of the other ninjas that go prowling around your house at night. How big is this ninja? 6 feet to be exact. This giant of a ninja silhouette measures in at a full length of 7 feet from the ground to the tip of his sword though. Do you need a lot of wall to handle this? Yes. Is it worth it? Oh yes.

Yin Yang Wall Decal

Everybody recognizes the ancient symbol of the Yin Yang, known for it's representation of balance and harmony. Well now you'll be able to restore some harmony and balance to your room in 4 different sizes. Ranging from diameters of 8 inches all the way up to 22 inches, this wall decal will look sharp on your bedroom wall, even if you don't practice a lick of martial arts.

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