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New Martial Arts Action Film Highlight: "The Raid: Redemption"

When it comes to furiously flying fists on film, I whole-heartedly put my trust in the choreographic genius's behind such gems as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Kung Fu Hustle. So what do those films have to do with the Kung Fu insanity oozing from the trailer above? Same choreography team.

Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and say I'll be loving this movie.

Continue reading to find out more details on this classic in the making.

The "Plot": Taking place almost entirely in a single, dilapidated, apartment building, The Raid: Redemption focuses on the plight of on unlucky S.W.A.T. team that finds themselves fighting their way out of a drug-lords den after their raid goes awry.

Why you should watch this: It's going to be both insane and awesome . Seriously, if you're even just slightly versed in the classic Kung Fu movies that have made their way stateside in the recent years, you'll know that the choreographic talent behind this production is something you'll want to miss at your own peril.

Release Info: It's already out! So far The Raid: Redemption has seen limited release but hopefully it isn't long before it makes its way to your neck of the woods.

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2 Comment(s)
4/10/12 - 2:05pm
the raid redemption is not kung fu or karate movie. It's traditional indonesian martial arts called pencak silat. Do your research.
4/10/12 - 3:09pm
(b)@reka(/b)(br /)(br /)Thanks so much for the input reka. We did realize that Pencak Silat is the art that is predominantly shown throughout the trailer. We were just describing the movie as a 'Kung Fu' movie in the more general sense, not to suggest that the actual art used is Kung Fu.(br /)(br /)Thanks again for the comment!

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