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News: Feuding Neighbors Enter Chainsaw/Samurai Sword Battle, Both Men Nearly Dis-armed

In what can only be described as an incident that is so disturbing you have to smile at the sheer ridiculousness of it, two Australian men were hospitalized for severe wounds after engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

Their chosen weapons? A chainsaw and a samurai sword. How did this insane match-up conclude? Continue reading for the results. (Hint: They both got their licks in)


As the story goes, the chainsaw victim's arm was nearly severed and doctors are still unsure whether or not it will have to be amputated. As for the wielder of the chainsaw? He wound up with a chopped off finger. What was the spark that started this Thunderdome match terrible fight? So far, it looks like it began with a noise complaint.

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