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How Indestructible is the Indestructible Plastic Samurai Sword?

How Indestructible is the Indestructible Plastic Samurai Sword?

Since we decided to rename our "polypropylene samurai sword" to the "indestructible plastic samurai sword", there has been a lot of controversy around the KarateMart.com office about whether this item is really indestructible. On the one hand, as our legal team explains it, "it's not technically indestructible, guys." On the other hand, the polypropylene material makes the sword tough and flexible so that it will weather all kinds of thrashing.


As we batted these swords around the office, it occurred to us that we didn't actually know the limit to the indestructibility of these plastic swords and that we should figure this out for you, our loyal readers. It also seemed a better use of our time than "accidentally" breaking the legal guys' coffee cups. So here are a few things that may or may not destroy your indestructible plastic samurai sword.

Indestructible plastic samurai sword vs. another indestructible plastic samurai sword

Banging one indestructible sword against another is the kind of thing philosophy majors lie awake thinking about. But we're living the dream, which is why we started smashing them together, as you can see here:


This thing is made to wale on another bokken and it will endure. It will last longer than a wooden bokken, that's for sure. And it lasted longer than Ian, who cried "uncle" once his fingers became callused and his arms started aching.


Indestructible plastic samurai sword vs. a real samurai sword

Legend has it that a traditional katana could slice through five people in one stroke. Even a modern-day, not-legendary samurai sword could make quick work out of one of these plastic swords. We didn't want to destroy one of them in front of a camera just to make a point. But if one of our loyal customers were to, say, find a YouTube video of an encounter between a samurai wielding a katana and one wielding an indestructible plastic sword, we would post it here for you all.


Video pending, with a ninja shoveling


Indestructible plastic samurai sword vs. a "death laser"

 A warrior must be prepared for any situation, and this includes the dangers that come naturally when you break into a supervillain fortress. As every James Bond parody makes clear, lasers can be weaponized. While the actual power of such lasers are unclear, polypropylene melts at temperatures between 250 and 350 °F. At a close range, a 200 kilowatt industrial laser cutter could deal some serious damage to this sword, but this power weakens at greater distances. Meanwhile, the US military has only made use of a mere 10 kW laser that can maybe fry sensors. Your sword is safe from current laser weapon technology, though you yourself may get some traumatizing laser scars if you aren't wearing armor.


Indestructible plastic samurai sword vs. a lightsaber

Come on. No chance. That's not fair.


Indestructible plastic samurai sword vs. the cold passage of time

The long and the short of it is that, outside of accidents, an intense heat wave, or some sort of immortality serum, the unbreakable plastic samurai sword will outlast you and your children. The plastic material will take thousands of years to fully decompose. Since polypropylene is a relatively new material, it is unclear how this decomposition process will occur. Decomposition of your family's plastic sword can quicken through chain degradation from sunlight that would eventually lead to cracks and crazes. This means that it's not a good idea to leave your plastic sword out in your car on a hot Arizona afternoon.


Those are the major threats that you might face with the indestructible plastic sword. Normal usage will keep it intact for thwacking away. Check it out on our website here and get one today.

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Sticky Hands
1/14/16 - 4:19pm
cool sword but the intro was bomb as f***

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