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Samurai Sword Buying Guide: Which Katana is Best?

Samurai Sword Buying Guide: Which Katana is Best?
Over the last few months, we've added some really awesome new samurai swords to KarateMart.com, so this week for Weapons Wednesday, I decided to show some of them off.

In this weeks video, I wanted to show off a variety of swords. Instead of choosing only the most popular katana, I chose swords that had different characteristics that would give you an idea of what is available when choosing a samurai sword. For instance, I wanted to discuss one of our unsharpened swords and why the steel chosen for the blade was perfect for sharpening. I also displayed one of our new anodized blade swords to show how the blades themselves can now be anodized in various colors like blue, gold and copper.

After finishing the video, I wish I would have gone into a little more detail about why certain types of steel are better than others for sword blades, but I may choose to discuss that further in a future sword or knife video. Hopefully this video will give you a brief introduction to some of the important characteristics of swords and show off some of our katana at the same time.

Here's the Video:

Here are the samurai katana I review in this video:

1) Unsharpened Hand-Forged Katana

2) Hand Forged Samurai Katana

3) Traditional Japanese Shirasaya Sword

4) Copper Blade Hand-Forged Katana

5) Full-Tang Carbon Steel Katana

If you have any questions about any of the swords I mention in this video or would like to know more about any of the weapons we carry on this website, please leave your comments below or contact our customer service team any time.

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