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Dark Battle Pike and Other Dangerous Weapons

Dark Battle Pike and Other Dangerous Weapons

This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at our Dark Battle Pike along with some of the newest weapons that we just started carrying.  We made sure all of these weapons were able to withstand the damage that we put them through as well.  View the video to see them really tested out!

To begin the video, I reviewed the Scorpion Hunter Knuckles. This knuckle duster was certainly interesting to say the least, even though it is very over the top. It is made out of stainless steel and the knuckles feature a very unique scorpion design complete with its legs and tail. The finger hole diameter makes it easy for me to wear these without any issue, but the only downside was the palm grip since it is so large. I even had Amanda come out and give her feedback, and they were way too big for her to use comfortably. Overall, I would say these would be the perfect wall hanger. See the video to understand what I mean!

The next weapon I took a look at was actually a pair of Italian Stilettos that are only available on KOMBATIV.com. The first stiletto that I reviewed was the Italian Switchblade Stiletto. I love the design of switchblades because of the automatic swing open design that is reminiscent of many different 80's mafia movies. This one has beautiful rosewood scales that are actually held in place with brass pins and liner. The blade is made out of stainless steel and it is only sharpened on one side of the blade. It make since though since you do have to hold one side of the blade to close it. The stiletto also has a safety switch on there so you do not accidentally open it when you have it in your pocket. Following the switchblade was the Italian OTF Stiletto. This was another good choice for a stiletto since it is a very quick opening automatic knife that shoots the blade forward compared to a swing open design. The blade has a very thick stainless steel liner that is connected with beautiful hardwood scales. The blade is also made out of AUS 8 instead of regular stainless steel, which makes it more wear and corrosion resistant while also being easy to sharpen. This is definitely a weapon that I would love to keep on me for self defense situations. Both knives come with a nice nylon case and they are both actually made in Italy for a real authentic design! Overall, these bad boy are awesome to have so see the video to know what I mean.

The third weapon I tested out was actually another pair of knives, which were the Black Ice Balisong and the Dark Inferno Balisong. I love balisongs and I definitely love these ones! They are both identical in every way except for the color: one has a blue and black design while the other has a rose gold and black design. They are both constructed out of 440 stainless steel and they are thick, weighing in at over 5 ounces each (which is pretty heavy for balisongs). The butterfly knives also both come with rivets and standard latches, which in my personal opinion is the best combination. They also have a sharp blade and tip that held up against the wing chun dummy easily. The knives also have venting in the blades to take a bit of the weight off since they are already pretty heavy. Watch the video to get a full review of these butterfly knives!

Finally, the last weapon that we took a look at was the Dark Battle Pike. Wow, this thing is awesome! Pikes used to be designed as a long pole that was used in the Middle Ages and have updated for deep sea fishing. This one is different though, it is modernized to be shorter than a standard pike and also can be wielded with one hand. The 3CR13 stainless steel blade has a two toned finish that give it a very distinctive look, especially with the barb which is great for hooking. This pike also has a very comfortable nylon fiber handle that makes using it very easy. It also has great grip lines and a thumb rise for added control. Overall, this pike is such a great weapon and it is very durable. See the video to understand how awesome this weapon is!

Here's the video:

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