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Top Martial Arts Themed Party Essentials

Throwing a martial arts themed party can be hard even for the greatest of martial arts masters. The staff at KarateMart.com understands this and has drafted a list of the top martial arts themed party essentials to make your task easier. Check out our list below and make sure you didn't forget anything.

The Yellow Martial Arts Jumpsuit or Uniform

It is absolutely essential for at least one person (if not the host) to wear either a yellow martial arts jump suit or uniform to a martial arts themed party. The yellow martial arts jumpsuit/uniform has been in martial arts cinema since Bruce Lee wore one in the classic movie “Game of Death.” Since then, Uma Thurman rocked one in “Kill Bill” and Cee Lo Green was seen wearing one in an ad for "The Voice," which can be seen below. If you want to have a successful martial arts bash, get yourself a yellow jumpsuit or uniform.


Your party is not going to be much fun if the only person in costume is wearing a yellow martial arts jumpsuit. Everyone should be in costume. Have your guests pick wear a rob or martial arts uniform to your party. Be sure to pick up some karate headbands and belts to hand out to every party goer to complete their costume. At KarateMart.com, we carry a wide range of belts and headbands for you to choose from that way no one has the same outfit on.


Your guests need to get into the mood and in order to do that, not only do they need to be in costume, but they need awesome jams to groove to. A well known popular hit that has been remade several times over the years is “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas. This song is certain to get your guests in the mode for a karate party!

(Note the yellow martial arts jumpsuit the goalie is wearing at 1:42)

Party Supplies

2012 is the Year of the Dragon and we have several party supplies that will match your theme. A party isn't a party with out food and drinks. Check out our selection of Year of the Dragon cups, plates, and napkins, as well as our other martial arts themed supplies. We carry a wide range of party favors and gift bags which would be a great surprise for your guests.

Entertainment Ideas:

Your guests need to be entertained. Be sure to have plenty of martial arts movies on hand to play in the back ground. Get some foam weapons for the kids to have an epic battle in the backyard. Dedicate one of your televisions to martial arts video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

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