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How to Throw an Epic Ninja Party

How to Throw an Epic Ninja Party

 Holy shuriken! You need to plan a party for your little ninja but there's so little time! Not to fear, KarateMart.com is here to save the day. With one simple order and a little planning, you can make a wicked ninja-themed party.

Watch the video below:



Here are the steps to a great party:


Invite people to your party

It generally helps to invite people before the party starts. The sooner you invite people to your ninja party, the more time they have to prepare and bring their best selves (and presents). There is a risk, though, that your guests might forget about your party or lose the details. That's where the Ninja Party Invitations can help you out. They even come with envelopes so you can send your party invitations to their house through the mail.



A vital part of preparing for a party is to decorate appropriately. When you've got a themed party, getting the party space ready goes beyond just throwing away your stacks of magazines and hiding your embarassing collection of lunchables containers. You also need party decorations! In the video, we got together a lot of black, white, and red "ninja warrior" themed decorations, including ballons, party hangers, and a table cover. We also got food-related items (which are helpful if you want your guests fed) that also fit with this ninja warrior theme, including the dinner plates, sword picks, napkins, and paper cups.


And why not get some party hats so everyone can dress festively?


Plan Activities

Parties are made out of fun, so be sure to have some really good games and activities planned. Have a few extra activities up your sleeve in case your first choices are duds. You can find lots of ideas all over the web, including on Pinterest. We even posted about some party ideas a while back on our own blog. One idea, shared in the video, is playing Forehead Detective with Plain White Headbands. The kids can even keep the headbands once they're done playing the game. And speaking of keeping things when the party is over...


Give out party favors

Martial Arts Party Favors are a way of saying, "thanks for coming to my birthday party. Here's a gift." That might seem counterintuitive (since you might expect guests to give you gifts), but party favors are like stocking stuffers in that they are relatively inexpensive and small. We have a number of party favor containers, including the Ninja Party Favor Boxes and Ninja Tote Bags.

You can browse around our selection of Toys and Games to see all sorts of sorts of things that would go great in your party favor box/bag. The items featured in the video are:


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