Mini Stun Gun

Price: $24.95
Mini Stun Gun
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Mini Stun Gun

Price: $24.95
Did you read the disclaimer?:
Cannot be shipped to CT, IL, MA, MI or RI. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
We all want to feel safe while we're out and about. We want to know that if we are ever in harm's way, we have a way to defend ourselves quickly and effectively. The Mini Stun Gun answers that call.

This stun gun flashlight keychain has everything you need for quick self-defense in a size similar to a portable USB power bank for charging a cellphone. The mini shocker is just 3.5 inches long, 1 inch wide, and weighs approximately 1.4 ounces. You can easily conceal this self-defense weapon in your pocket or purse as is, or use the attached keyring to add it to your key tag. Nobody will suspect that the little accessory you have next to your house key is a hidden weapon that packs a punch!

How much power does this stun gun have? When compared to similar small keychains, this electrifying everyday carry weapon has a shock discharge of approximately 20,000,000 volts. There are two safety levels on this stun gun stick; The ON/OFF power switch on the bottom must be moved to the ON position for the stun gun and flashlight to be activated.

The white button located on the slider switch on top of the stun gun operates the LED flashlight. Being able to see in a dark parking lot or parking garage is often a deterrent to would-be assailants all by itself. Seeing them before they see you catches them off guard, taking away the element of surprise. Click the white button to turn the flashlight on and off; There's no need to hold the button down to keep your visibility.

To activate the stun gun, slide the button forward while pressing the white button. This shock propulsion device will cause the shock probe to be propelled from the interior of the weapon, automatically turn of the LED light, and launch the electric shock. Letting go of the button will cause the probe to return to its default position while simultaneously stopping the voltage discharge. For protection, shocking will automatically cease after continuously shocking for 10 to 12 seconds.

This miniature stun gun stick comes with a USB charging cord. Just plug the micro-USB connector into the bottom of the device and charge using your computer, USB adapter, charging bank, or other power source with a USB port. The indicator light will be red when your self-defense weapon is actively charging. The built-in lithium polymer battery prevents over-charging and over-discharging your stun gun.

Small shocking keychains are often mistakenly seen as weak and ineffective. This mini stun gun keyring is easy to carry, conceal, and operate. Its unsuspecting appearance takes the advantage from attackers and puts it in your hands. Don't get caught unarmed wishing you'd gotten yourself one of these. Add one to your cart and shock your attackers with your preparedness.

Mini Stun Gun Highlights:
  • Approx. Length: 3.5 inches
  • Approx. Width: 1 inch
  • Approx. Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Approx. Shock Discharge: 20,000,000 Volts
  • Two Safety Levels
  • Built-In LED Flashlight
  • Includes USB Charging Cord
  • Charging Indicator Light
  • Large capacity lithium polymer battery prevents over-charging and over-discharging.
  • Convenient Keyring
  • Thumb Slider Operation
  • Easy to carry, conceal, and use.
  • Great for discrete self-defense!

Note: Please be aware that actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this mini stun gun compares to other stun guns that claim to be 20 million or more volts. We personally tested it and it is very powerful. It hurts!

Disclaimer: Stun guns and batons will get damaged if you consistently check the stun portion without making contact with anything (so in the open air). It will burn out the diodes and will make the stun portion stop working over time. We do recommend checking it once when you receive the self defense weapon to make sure it works properly, but checking it frequently and for over a second with no contact will cause it to break. The diodes need a closed circuit to prevent them from burning out.

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