Joggers Pepper Spray

Price: $13.95
Joggers Pepper Spray
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Joggers Pepper Spray

Price: $13.95
When jogging alone through parks or wooded trails, there's a limited amount of equipment you can bring without slowing yourself down so much that your workout is frustrating and impractical. It's important to be able to defend yourself when taking an early morning walk or late night run, but self-defense weapons are often very useful, but big and bulky, or small and easy to carry, but worthless. The Joggers Pepper Spray is the effective, compact self-defense weapon that gives you the freedom to work out when and where you want.

This runner's pepper spray is a maximum strength pepper spray made with oleoresin capsicum, or red pepper extract, as its active ingredient. Capsicum is a strong irritant effecting the eyes, skin, and respiratory system; When sprayed in the face of an assailant, engulfing the eyes, nose, and mouth, the immediate, unpleasant effects are usually enough to at least cause an attacker to be deterred long enough for you to escape. The eyes water, the nose runs, and there is increased saliva and mucus production; Recovering from these bodily reactions to the irritant flooding their airways and mucus membranes takes time, giving you a window to get help.

This traveler pepper spray has black elastic nylon holder with an elastic strap and Velcro fasteners. This adjustable elastic band stretches to accommodate a variety of hand sizes, making this OC-17 pepper spray with hand strap a perfect fit for most. To use this pepper spray for runners, just make sure the black cannister is secure in its nylon holder and slip your hand through the elastic nylon band. To adjust the size, simply unfasten the Velcro and reattach to the desired circumference. The material is non-irritating and comfortable to hold, so the athletic pepper spray won't be a hinderance to your exercise routine.

Using this pepper spray with elastic strap is safe and easy. There's a red safety cap that prevents accidental discharge of the capsicum spray. When not in use, the plastic locking mechanism should be closed, so the nozzle is covered by the actuator. When needed for self-defense, just move the red tab to the right with the thumb, revealing the nozzle and allowing the cap to be compressed. This EDC weapon is capable of spraying multiple blasts of up to 12 feet. It is recommended that the cap be pressed down firmly, using short bursts. What's great about OC spray is its ability to be used by those inexperienced in self-defense techniques with little instruction. All of these steps are performed with one hand operation, while keeping the EDC weapon securely gripped the entire time.

The formula used for this police grade pepper spray is both nontoxic and nonflammable. Using this nonlethal self defense weapon on muggers and rapists won't kill them, even though the 10 to 12-foot bursts from this OC pepper spray may make them feel quite uncomfortable. The red pepper extract used in the capsicum pepper spray gives you distance from threats, potentially saving your life. This pepper spray formulation includes a UV dye as well, so your attacker can be identified by the telltale illumination of a black light if apprehended and denying the encounter ever occurred.

At just 4 inches long, and 1 inch in diameter, this police strength pepper spray cannister is easy to carry wherever you go. The 1.5-ounce cannister is barely noticeable when carried, perfect for purses, briefcases, backpacks, pockets, glove boxes, and other small spaces. You can bring the defense spray for personal protection with you even when you aren't going for your daily jog around the neighborhood.

The design of this personal safety tool is perfect for athletes of all kinds; Whether you're walking in the park, going for a jog around the block, or training for a marathon, this pepper spray with strap is the self-defense weapon that has your back by keeping the power securely in your hand. If you're tired of not having control over your workout routine, get one of these effective pepper sprays for runners and feel safe training your way again.

Jogger's Pepper Spray Highlights:

  • Maximum Strength Pepper Spray
  • Active Ingredient: Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper Extract)
  • Black elastic strap with Velcro for secure carrying
  • Locking Red Safety Cap
  • UV Identifying Dye
  • Sprays multiple blasts up to 12 feet!
  • Easy, one hand operation
  • Non-lethal, effective self-defense
  • Nontoxic and nonflammable formula
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Diameter: 1 inch
  • Overall Weight: 1.5 ounces
  • Great for runners!

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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