Black Steel Nunchaku

Price: $94.95
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Black Steel Nunchaku
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Black Steel Nunchaku

Price: $94.95
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Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Where there is light, there's also a dark side. While most metal weapons are flashy and bright, it can be an advantage to have the stealthy dark opposite. If it is time to ramp up your training up to the next level, it may be time to visit the dark side of ninja-hood, and train with a set of Black Steel Nunchaku.

The handles on these durable steel nunchaku come in a 12" length and have been machined with a diamond print pattern along the grip sections. Hand crafted with 14-gauge steel, these thick-walled hollow handles provide extra weight to throw around without being obnoxiously heavy. The gunmetal coloration comes from anodizing the steel, and is probably the coolest looking set of steel nunchucks around, according to the dark lord. Throwing strikes and sending swings with this pair of chucks is going to build your muscles quickly, so you can be unstoppable once you return to rattan or hardwood nunchaku. You'll feel the difference.

These are the best nunchucks for training. When you practice with solid metal nunchaku, the extra weight fills your body with dark energy and moves you to great feats of strength and agility. You can confidently train knowing that these steel chucks are secured with a high quality 5.5-inch ball bearing chain with swivel attachments at each end. At just over 2 pounds, this wushu weapon is extremely durable and will last through fight after fight, session after session, and not break down. Train with the dark side before you fight for the light!

Black Steel Nunchaku Highlights:

  • 14-Gauge Hollowed Steel
  • Gunmetal Black Anodized Finish
  • Machined Diamond-Pattern Grip
  • 12" Handles
  • Handle Diameter: 1" (approx.)
  • Weight: 2lbs 2oz (approx.)
  • High Quality 5.5" Ball Bearing Chain
  • Made in the USA by Kombativ
  • Excellent for Speed and Resistance Training
  • Sold Individually

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

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"High grade well constructed very good set of chucks to own"
Written By: Tom morrow
2/25/24 - 5:01am
"These nunchakus are heavy and will give you a major arm workout. They are solid metal and defiantly not for beginners or even intermediate users. They could easily crack skulls; novices are more likely to seriously injure themselves than opponents. If you have never wielded nunchakus before don't get this, but advanced users can have a great time with it. They are very useful for strength training, and would be deadly in self defense."
Written By: Michael
12/22/23 - 7:27am
"These are the exact nunchucks off Ninja gaiden lol, there insane, I love them, but they crush anything they touch so not for everyone"
Written By: Damani Onyame
4/19/23 - 7:05pm
"These things really got some weight to em, so obviously don't get them of your new to nunchucks. But wow are these good , not as black as I thought they'd be but not a big deal. Also I gotta laugh and appreciate they delivery these people literally put "thanks Khalil" on the box 😆"
Written By: Khalil
9/12/22 - 5:43pm
"Despite the description, these are not recommended for nuns, as they are Manly Manchucks."
Written By: Joe
8/6/22 - 6:18pm
"These are the meanest and most merciless nunchaku I have ever seen and probably that exist in the world. The measure of care that must be taken when welding these simply cannot be overstated. As a training tool you can definitely feel that it gives you much more intense workout and your regular nunchucks feel much lighter afterwards. As a weapon, These could easily produce lethal results. In unpracticed hands, serious injury or death could occur. Be aware of what you’re buying if you’re considering these. I love them don’t give me wrong but they are not for the beginner or even the intermediate student. If you haven’t spent thousands and thousands of hours twirling nunchucks and know for a fact that you know what you’re doing, you probably need some thing else but that’s not to say that these things aren’t “killer”. “ with a warning label this big, it has to be fun!”- Hermes Conrad."
Written By: Jacob
7/5/22 - 4:36pm
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