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Black Octagon Nunchaku with Cord

Price: $19.95
Black Octagon Nunchaku with Cord
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Black Octagon Nunchaku with Cord

Price: $19.95
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Cannot be shipped to CA or MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
We No Longer Ship to Kentucky.  More Info
Why does the Black Octagon Nunchaku with Cord have eight-sided handles? To improve your grip, of course! This set of nunchaku looks great and feels perfect for your hands.

The secret (or science) to these nunchucks is that the octagonal circumference allows the nunchaku handles to fit more snugly into the creases of your palms and fingers. This subtle difference dramatically increases surface tension and means that you need not worry about your nunchucks slipping nearly as much as you would if you had a set of smooth handles.

The handles are 12" long and made from durable, solid oak and are painted black. The black paracord connector is roughly 5 inches long, though if you know anything about restringing nunchucks (and you really should!), adjusting that length to your preference is a snap! Whether you're a professional looking for another solid set of wooden nunchucks or a beginner ready to take your chucking to the next level, the black Okinawan style nunchaku are perfect. Get your own and let the chucking begin!

Octagon Wood Nunchaku Details:

  • Octagonal Shape - Easy to grip, won't roll off a table!
  • Solid Oak - Durable handles deal massive blows!
  • Nylon Cord Connector - High strength, easy to swing!
  • Black Color
  • Also available in Natural Oak Color
  • Sold Individually

Octagon Nunchucks with Cord Dimensions:
  • Handle Thickness: 1.25" (approx.)
  • Overall Handle Length: 12" (approx.)
  • Cord Length: 5.5" (approx., when relaxed)

Note: please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

Additional note: The size may not be exactly 12" (some may be closer to 11.5"). If you need to have two pairs of nunchaku that match, please order both at the same time so that we can try to match them. If you order a second pair at a later date, it is possible that they will be different from the first pair you purchased.

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"It’s so dope in person HIGHLY RECOMMEND"
Written By: Tony
6/25/20 - 9:28pm
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