Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip

Price: $22.95
Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip
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Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip

Price: $22.95
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Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

With danger on the rise, the Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip is just what you need to protect yourself. Made from two solid pieces of hardwood and covered in a sleek black gloss finish, you know that you're going to deal some damage to would-be attackers or carefully-placed targets, even if you aren't very strong.

The 12" handles of these black chucks have strategically-placed carved lines to keep your grip as sure as your aim. They are connected with a 5" ball bearing swivel chain, which provides free range of motion for your attacks, as well as an intimidating sound.

Whether you are a nunchuck collector, a devoted practitioner seeking a great set for your kata, or a concerned citizen seeking self protection, the Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip is just what you are looking for.

Black Wooden Nunchaku with Grip Highlights:

  • 12" Handles
  • 5" Chain
  • Diameter: 1 inch
  • Made of durable hardwood
  • Ball Bearing Swivels
  • Sold Individually

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

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"I just bought two pairs of these and found them in the mail with a sweet little written "thank you" on the package. The nunchaku I got were very clean, and well preserved on their way here. The the handles were shiny and flawless, and the weight is fair and well balanced. I could definitely use the nunchaku I got effectively against any potential attackers. The swivels are very smooth, very fast, but one question I've been meaning to ask: on one handle of each of the two nunchaku I bought, the chain seems a bit less hammered down into the ball bearing of one handle than the other handle. Is this a design flaw in the nunchaku? If so, is it a flaw for me to be concerned about in terms of the durability and life-span of my nunchaku? I hit punching bags a lot with my nunchaku, so durability of my nunchaku is important for me. This was also a similar "flaw" in the Natural Nunchaku with Grip that I bought from you guys several months ago, but to my pleasure, the rivets held solid. If you are able to provide an explanation, that would be most appreciated. Overall, however, I am very satisfied with my order. I admire the quality put into Karatemart's nunchakus for the price, and I do not mind making this website my main place to buy martial arts related stuff for a good while. Thank you Karatemart. Reply from KarateMart- The chains aren't really "Hammered down", they have a pin/rivet that holds them onto the handle but sometimes there is a little gap. Please send us an email and we can check/confirm anything you need! service@karatemart.com"
Written By: MJ
12/31/23 - 5:22pm
"The wood is amazing,the feel and weight are also great..The swivel has limitations but if you are a collector or beginner these are great. 5 Stars I highly recommend"
Written By: Jeo
8/3/23 - 9:47pm
"I love these nunchakus, one of my favorites so far. They're constructed of solid hard wood, and yet are fairly light weight which lends to good speed and balance. And the ball-bearing swivels are very smooth, with almost no noise when swinging these chucks. Highly recommended. A+A+A+"
Written By: CiRE
10/22/22 - 6:44am
"Great pair of chucks. I haven't owned a pair in twenty years, but these feel great and are bringing back (slowly) everything I knew. Very natural feel, I'm loving them."
Written By: Dustin
8/8/22 - 10:57pm
"The chain length and weight are perfect for beginners so I kept it at 5 stars. but the quality of swivel does vary. Some swivels are louderthan others and as time goes on they may eventually fall apart. But some will last you 20 years. It just varies. I highly recommend and will purchase again.."
Written By: Judah Malachi
9/11/20 - 7:25pm
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