Blackthorn Shillelagh Club

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Blackthorn Shillelagh Club
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Blackthorn Shillelagh Club

Price: $49.95
Settle disputes in style with this Blackthorn Shillelagh Club, the top choice of the medieval Irish countrymen who needed to smash and bash their enemies into submission. Keeping the tradition alive while using modern materials, this solid polypropylene version is ready for battle at a moments notice.

Traditionally, these war weapons came from Ireland and some bordering parts of England. Used as both walking sticks and self-defense weapons, shillelaghs were intentionally cut from the base of trees to get the hardest wood possible. Especially desirable were knots from the tree branches that had been cut long ago, as the knobs would become rock-hard. When iron and steel were in short supply, these were nature's answer for a durable weapon that would leave a dent in stone or a skull! Blackthorn is a type of tree common in Ireland, and was the primary wood for a shillelagh, though oak clubs have been found. The wood was then treated, heated, and allowed to cure, giving the knots a brilliant grain finish that would be virtually indestructible. Various sizes of shillelaghs have been found, ranging from 1 to 9 feet long!

While not warring with the druids, the Irish developed a formal martial art with the stick fighting named Bataireacht, although the top-heavy clubs are not as favorable as lighter weight woods. It continues today as both a disciplined fighting style that follows historic forms as well as manuals that give self defense instruction for how to use a shillelagh fighting club. True to form, this solid cast of durable poly-fiber will send your opponents running for the highlands, with you swinging away behind them! Film-ready with a matte black finish, this 20 1/2" long replica of the skull-crushing weapons of yore will make any scene unforgettable. Bring your cosplay costume to life with a 15.7 oz almost unbreakable version of a bludgeon that has lived through the ages. Ready to hang from your belt loop or attach to your wrist for easy access bludgeoning and secure carry, a tan leather cord is included. You can even hand your replica blackthorn knob stick on your wall next to your other blunt weapons.

A shillelagh fighting stick is used as a powerful bludgeoning weapon in a number of fantasy role-play games, and can be the crowning touch to the garb of any character that wishes to pummel and reduce their enemies to dust. You can also use this bludgeon as a self defense weapon to ward off would be attackers, or to break through glass and ice to get yourself to safety. Weighted in the top knob for ultimate smashing capabilities, the impact-resistant construction of this plastic cudgel means you'll be whacking for a long time to come. The handle shaft is studded with gnarled wood knots, providing extra grip control as well as a realistic feel!

Blackthorn Shillelagh Clubs have become iconic symbols of Irish and Irish-American history, representing the hard hitting times that have befallen both the people and the country. Continue the hard hitting tradition by picking up this durable stout black club to make sure you can annihilate your problems if they get too close. Add one of these polypropylene fighting clubs to authenticate your costume while protecting yourself on the way to the costume party!

Blackthorn Shillelagh Club Highlights:
  • Solid Injection-Molded Polypropylene
  • Gnarled Handle Mimics real Blackthorn Wood Knots
  • Faux-Wood Cab Knob
  • Real Leather Cord Lanyard
  • Overall Length: Approx. 20 1/2"
  • Total Weight: approx. 15.7 oz
  • Traditional Shillelagh Design
  • Ultra-Durable Construction
  • Night Watchman
  • Effective Self-Defense Weapon
  • Excellent Prop or Costume Weapon!

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