Tactical War Hammer

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Tactical War Hammer
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Tactical War Hammer

Price: $69.95
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They say when every problem is a nail, it's time to get a hammer. This Tactical War Hammer will bring assistance or protection in any situation you find yourself in. Just ask a certain Norse god of thunder! A solid one-piece blunt weapon cast from rigid polypropylene, this versatile survival hammer can smash and crash until no nails are left standing! No need to be too accurate when delivering blows with this polyfiber bludgeoner.

Popularized during medieval times as a way to defeat cavalry soldiers wearing plated armor suits and steel helmets, the war hammer is a melee weapon with a long history of bludgeoning enemies. A crashing hit from the pommel (bottom of the handle) or the face of the head would send injurious vibrations through the steel of the suit to incapacitate the enemy inside. While there may be less suits of armor to smash these days, the hammer lives on as a modern tool for breaking in or out of tricky situations, such as locked windows or thick ice that may threaten your wellbeing. The 16.5-inch shaft of this short warhammer can be wielded with one or two hands, with the 9.5-inch handle providing a secure hold with its ridged grip. At just over a foot and a half long, this compact large-headed war mallet can be stored with your essential gear for camping, adventure, and covert missions. No outdoors equipment or striking weapons collection would be complete without this durable and practical tool.

The head of the hammer resembles a bec de faucon style of battle hammer, or maul, featuring a straight 'beak' and 'feathers' that are designed for various uses. The 5.5-inch 'beak' functions like a pick and includes a divot on each side to aerate while digging, preventing this tactical hammer from getting stuck in dirt or ice. The pronged hammer head tapers down to a rounded tip ready for direct and accurate striking. The 'feathers', or collection of spikes opposite the curved 'beak', range in configuration and size, maxing out at 1 inch tall to provide maximum spread when delivering a blow. Half of the hammerhead is basically a medieval mace. Designed for blunt force, the short spiked edges on these hammerheads give greater traction on impact, meaning more force is delivered per blow. It can help pry open a door, window, or any cavity that refuses to cooperate. The 1.25-inch skull crusher pommel can act as a glass breaker, window breaker, or ice breaker, as well as a striking weapon or punching tool for an unlucky assailant.

This apocalypse-inspired black weapon is a great addition to your survival collection, or your Viking wardrobe ensemble. It weighs in at 1 pound 11 ounces, so packing it in and out with your essential mountaineering or caving supplies will not break your back. The lightweight material will also mean adding one (or more) of these blunt force weapons to your fantasy or comic cosplay will not bog you down. Ragnarok has yet to come! Attach this hammer weapon to your beltloop or gear bag using the cord looped through the skullcrusher spike on the bottom of the handle. Or carry this tactical hammer securely in your fist with 8 inches of non-slip handle grooves keeping you in control. Few other role play props will provide such a vital defense to a real life threat. Or create your own exotic character with a steampunk twist as you show off your glorious clobbering hammer to all the enemies of the realm. And have you ever been caught needing to pound down a stubborn tent spike or give an extra push on a sticky lug nut? Well no more searching for pieces of wood or old bottles to use in place of a polypropylene battle-ready war hammer!

Military foot soldiers ultimately made tactical battle hammers into the powerful bludgeon weapons they are today by modifying the materials on hand, creating self-defense and survival tools that are as intimidating as they are mighty. The list of uses for a black tactical bludgeon is never-ending, and you don't want to be caught with a flimsy substitute during an outdoor or urban emergency. Bring one of these spiked modern warhammers home, now made with durable poly-fiber, so you and your buddies don't get stuck without the power of the Norse Gods by your side!

Tactical War Hammer Highlights:

  • One solid piece of injection molded polypropylene
  • Deep grooves on the handle provide a non-slip grip
  • Versatile 'Beak' and 'Feathered' Hammerhead
  • Great for prying in breach or survival situations
  • Total Weight: approx. 1 lb 11 oz
  • Total Length: approx. 21"
  • Shaft Length: approx. 16.5"
  • Handle Length: approx. 9.5"
  • Head Dimensions: approx. 10" long and 3.25" wide
  • Pick Length: approx. 5.25" long
  • Spiked End Length: approx. 3.75"
  • Night Watchman
  • Large Glass-Breaker Pommel Spike (approx. 1.25")
  • Nylon Cord Wrist Strap for Easy Carrying
  • Jet Black and Scratch-Resistant

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"Excellent weapon for not only self-defense (more for home defense, not really street carriable), but for strengthening exercises as well, by swinging it in various patterns to develop muscle strength and agility."
Written By: Jordan
7/12/22 - 11:07am
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