Spiked Combat Club

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Spiked Combat Club

Price: $49.95
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Clubs are melee weapons that have been used since prehistoric times. Although clubs and maces have evolved across history, from the Medieval morning stars of the Middle Ages to the trench raiding clubs of World War I, the idea behind club weapons remains the same: pummel your target with powerful blunt-force strikes until they submit! This Spiked Combat Club is a modern club weapon that is covered with pointed spikes! With a glass breaker pommel, a handle with grips, and a solid polypropylene construction, this spiked mace makes a formidable self-defense weapon.

Although the premise of a club may seem straightforward at first, there is a reason why people still carry clubs for personal defense or keep them at home as emergency apocalypse weapons. Unlike guns or crossbows, maces don't require ammunition or painstakingly precise aim to use effectively. Other popular survival weapons like knives and axes need sharpening, but a club is ready to bash your opponent as soon as you pick it up. Maces are also battle-proven weapons that have been used across history! In the Middle Ages, spiked maces and morning star weapons were used to pound through thick armor. Makeshift clubs were even used in the trenches of World War I! Fashioned from wood with metal fixed to the end, trench clubs were close-combat weapons that soldiers carried with them during raids to fight in the narrow trenches. This spiked club is a modern mace optimized for everyday personal defense!

In action, this spiky club is just as menacing as it looks. This entire blunt-force weapon has a dark matte black color. The shape of this this 20" long melee weapon resembles a baseball bat except for a crucial detail: the spikes! The end of the shaft is covered with large and small pointed spikes for delivering brutal bludgeoning attacks. Directing the force of your impact into spiked points, these spikes add extra damaging potential to your swings and strikes. If your assailants aren't intimidated by the spikes, they'll reconsider their attack after receiving some punishing blows from this blunt-force weapon! The 4.25" long handle of this spiked baseball bat has machined ridges to enhance your grip as you smash your way through your enemies. With a handguard on one end, pommel on the other, and a paracord wrist strap, the handle is designed to maximize your weapon retention. The pommel also has a glass-breaker spike for survival and emergency situations! Overall, this spiked baton weighs a hefty 1 lb, 9 oz. Heavy enough to add some substantial weight behind your strikes while still light to swing with speed, this tactical club would make a great everyday carry weapon for self-defense!

If you have any doubts as to whether or not this close combat weapon can handle a self-defense encounter, this mace is constructed from durable, water-resistant polypropylene. Made from once piece of solid, injection-molded polypropylene, this heavy club weapon is built to perform in a personal protection scenario. These spiked clubs can be more than just self-defense weapons, however. If you're a looking for realistic prop weapons for a video production, one of these spiked batons would make an awesome apocalypse bat or costume weapon! Comic enthusiasts and cosplayers would also appreciate one of these plastic club weapons for adding an authentic accessory to their costume or roleplay. If conventions and films aren't your thing, these spiked bats would also make an excellent addition to a weapon collection and an interesting conversation piece!

These tactical spiked clubs are practical, durable, and highly effective everyday carry weapons that you can wield for self-defense on the streets or keep for personal protection at home. These black plastic maces are also fantastic novelty weapons and gifts for cosplay fanatics and collectors. Get one of these Spiked Combat Clubs for your personal armory today!

Spiked Combat Club Highlights:
  • Constructed from Durable Polypropylene
  • Covered with Pointed Spikes
  • Glass Breaker Pommel Spike
  • Machined Handle Ridges for Grip
  • Paracord Wrist Strap
  • Dark Matte Black Color
  • Overall Length: Approx. 20"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 4.25"
  • Weight: Approx. 1 lb 9 oz
  • Heavy - Weighted to Hit Hard!
  • Night Watchman
  • Great Self-Defense Weapon!
  • Awesome Prop or Costume Weapon!

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5 star review
"This is an excellent club with an excellent aesthetic and heft to it for a club. The spikes give a nice touch and functionality and is in a way a smaller version of the middle earth battle mace regarding the pummel spike and spikes on its body sold on this website. The mace flanges are more devastating than the spikes on this club but still will do an excellent job on what they are capable of doing to any solid object. Nice small club that packs a punch that rivals the police baton sold on this website (minus the multiple applications that the police baton possess)."
Written By: Shadow N
5/7/24 - 3:40pm
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