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What's Your Favorite Ninja Star?

What's Your Favorite Ninja Star?
Our customers have spoken, and they love ninja stars! Otherwise known as shuriken, ninja throwing stars come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favorites. Which one do you like the best?

Classic ninja stars were made out of scraps of iron, often improvised from farming equipment, and were designed to distract an opponent long enough to strike with a larger, more dangerous weapons. As such, they were small and numerous.

That's what you get with our multi-pack ninja stars. Many of them, such as the Black Throwing Star Set, have a variety of styles. They're also very small, because you want to surprise your target, not kill them.

Killing targets is what the single shuriken are all about. They're bigger, heavier, and have longer edges (because, again, they're bigger). The 7 Point Silver Throwing Star, for example, is nearly 4 inches in diameter.

Even if you don't want to kill your target, it is nice to have a big beefy throwing star that you can throw at an inanimate target made out of cardboard (the target is made out of cardboard. The throwing stars are all made out of steel). You can see it better and hear it thunk into the target. So satisfying!

If we're going to diverge from classic throwing stars anyway, we might as well get weird. We've got throwing stars with cool designs like the Futuristic Red Throwing Stars, and the 5 Point Flower of Death Star.

We even have cool bat-shaped throwing stars in black, red, and blue and throwing cards that will make you into a real-life Gambit (except that they're sharp and made of metal, rather than exploding).

Check out all of our throwing stars. You might just find the set that matches you and your personality. Even if you have terrible aim and your mom/wife doesn't want you throwing things in the house, they're all still really good as collectors items.

Which Ninja Stars do you like best? Comment Below!

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