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Urban Combat Kama and Other Lethal Weapons!

Urban Combat Kama and Other Lethal Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested and reviewed some of our newest items on KarateMart.com including this Urban Combat Kama. Watch the video to see all of these exciting new items.

As we've done in previous videos, I asked Amanda to find some of our newest items and box them up so that I don't have any idea what they are before I review them. And, as always, I like to give an honest review where I look for the negatives as well as the positives of each item. And, for some of the items, we even tested them out to see how how well they fared.

The first box I opened contained the Twisted Hand-Forged Karambit. This karambit is different than many of our other knives because it is forged from a single piece of carbon steel that has been hammered and twisted into a really unique looking blade. The thing I love the most about this knife is that because it is hand-made, each one is unique and it is more like a work of art than a standard knife you would buy.

The second weapon I reviewed was the Hand-Carved Defense Cane. Similar to the karambit, this cane has been hand-made and hand-painted, which means that each cane is going to be unique. I really like that this is just a standard wooden cane that has features making it useful as a self-defense tool. It is made from a lightweight eucalyptus wood, which makes it perfect for people who are older and prefer a lighter cane.

The third item I unboxed was the Personal Alarm Wrist Watch. We sell a number of personal alarms on KarateMart.com, but this one is unique because it looks exactly like a wrist watch. It features a digital display that can be seen in the dark and has a very loud personal alarm that can be triggered with the flip of a switch.

The fourth weapon I tested out was the Indestructible Plastic Samurai Sword. This really seemed like the perfect item to test out because of it's name. While it is referred to as "Indestructible", it is not actually unbreakable, but is made from a very durable polypropylene that can take a lot of abuse. Because of it's name, I chose to really test it out and see if we could break it.

The fifth item we reviewed was the Ninja Tripwire Alarms. These tiny little perimeter alarms are perfect for tying between trees to alert you to an intruder. There are many uses to these pull-string alarms including playing pranks on your co-workers. Watch the video to see us put these to the test.

The last weapon we looked at was the Urban Combat Kama. While this may not be the best kama for tournaments and kata, it is perfectly designed as a combat weapon. It features a curved handle with finger grips and thumb notches, which make it perfect for slicing. Check out our full review in this week's video.

Here's the video:

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