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It's a new week, so you know what that means! We are literally running out of room to keep all of the new karate stuff that keeps pouring in. Our latest round of martial arts supplies should really appeal to the kids... or those of you with kids... or those of you who have kids but are still kids at heart. Either way you slice it, you've got a really good chance of finding something here that you or someone you know will love. Martial arts novelties have never looked this fun.

Are your kids quick to turn to the ol' fisticuffs when things don't go their way? Or maybe you've always wanted to throw a pair of inflatable toy gloves on them and just film them going at it. I'm sure someone on YouTube has already done it, but still, sounds fun...

Giant Inflatable Fighter Gloves

These inflatable MMA-inspired fists of fury can be summed up in one simple word: Awesome. They're like Bugs Bunny's MMA gloves! Measuring in at 19 inches long, these bad boys can inflate to a diameter of 32 inches! Grab a pair or three (you know you'll want some for yourself before long) and let the kids work off some of those unending energy reserves.

Pillow Plush Boxing Glove

These are for the parents whose kids are especially rough on their toys (you know who you are). Or maybe your kid has every Pillow Pet under the sun and still wants a dual-purpose pillow? Well feast your eyes on these stuffed fight gloves. They measure approximately 13 inches long and come in the four colors you see here. Grab a couple and let them duke it out until they go night-night on the warm pillowy goodness. Try using it as a pillow for yourself on a long airplane flight, or at work, or as an oven mitt. I can spout the uses for these all day long.

Dinosaur Ninja Darts

Karate Mart Fun Fact #376 - Ninjas made the dinosaurs extinct. It's true, and we have the artifacts to prove it. Each one of these suction cup covered discs are carved from the gentlest of rubber and etched with the particular dinosaur it was responsible for dispatching. Pretty fancy for prehistoric ninja equipment. We don't know what the dinosaurs did to make the ninjas so mad but lets hope we stay on their good side huh?

Bok Choy Toys

...I don't know what these are... Seriously though, these are pretty darn cute and they would make the perfect addition to a birthday party goodie bag or as a way to add some pizazz to a desk or table. They measure in at an adorable 1 inch and come in the set of six you see above. Pair them with Ninja Birthday Party Pack! They'll definitely get noticed.

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