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Our Five Deadliest Ninja Weapons

Our Five Deadliest Ninja Weapons

Not all ninja weapons are created equal, and while you can do a lot of damage with many of our ninja weapons, we thought we'd highlight a few that stand out as particularly awesome.

1. Futuristic Shuriken Set

Classic throwing stars were made by Japanese peasants, but the Futuristic Blue Shuriken, as well as their red counterparts, the Futuristic Red Throwing Stars, look cool with their razor sharp edges and iridescent finish.


  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Set of 3 Shuriken
  • 3, 4, and 5 points, respectively
  • 3.5" Diameter
  • 1 oz each
  • Includes Nylon Carrying Case


2. Kunai Swords

How about a ninja sword with a set of kunai? Nothing distracts your target more from your 27" sword than some sharp 5" throwing knives heading right for them. We actually have quite a variety of kunai-sword sets, including the Red, Gold, Blue, and Green kunai swords. We also have the Red, Copper, Blue, Green, and Rainbow ninja kunai swords that have a single edge instead of a double edge. With all these color options, you don't have to worry about the typical problems of color coordination. The red ones are the deadliest, though.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full Tang Sword
  • Sword Weight: 12 oz
  • Includes Multi-pocketed Nylon Sheath with Straps
  • Also includes two kunai


3. Throwing Spikes

Speaking of throwing things, ninja spikes are also a great distraction. The nice thing about the Double-Pointed Throwing Spikes is that you are twice as likely to hit. If you aren't into doubling your odds, you can always go with flair and throw the Tasseled Ninja Throwing Spikes that have bright red tassles for distraction (or for helping you find the them during practice when you miss the target).


  • Set of 3 Spikes
  • 6 Inches Long
  • Nylon Carrying Case with Elastic Velcro Straps


4. Ninja Kusari-Gama

Deadly ninja weapons don't stop with just pointy things that you throw. It also helps to attach your pointy things to a chain to give you versatility. The Ninja Kusari-Gama combines a kama, which resembles a sickle, and, and a chain (called a kusari in Japanese).

You can stab, disarm, and choke your target, giving you all sorts of options when samurai come knocking at your door.


  • Black Steel
  • Unsharpened Blade
  • Converts from Kama to Chain weapon
  • Weight: 2 lbs


5. Scorpion Chain Dart

Speaking of Chain Weapons, a KarateMart.com list of deadly weapons wouldn't be complete without an exclusive KarateMart.com weapon. With the Scorpion Chain Dart, we connect a 9 ounce steel dart to a machined aluminum handle with a nearly five-foot chain, connected by a ball-bearing swivel that you might find on a set of high-quality chain nunchaku.


We're pretty proud of this deadly weapon. We even recently came out with a variation where you can get a black steel dart, which is surely more intimidating.


  • 9 oz Steel Dart
  • Total Weight 1.5 lbs
  • Total Length: 60" (approx.)
  • Perfect for long- and short-range attacks
  • Made in America


If you like your listicles in audio/visual format, we've also come out with a video where Corbin the Formal Ninja and Products Guy Ian talk about these weapons in an enlightening and educational manner.



Let us know in the comment section below which weapon you like best.


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