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We Tested the Deadliest Ninja Stars!

We Tested the Deadliest Ninja Stars!
Throwing stars are available in so many different shapes and sizes that it is difficult to know which ones would actually make an effect weapon and which ones would just look better hanging on your wall.

One of the questions we get most often from our customers is "Which ninja stars will actually stick into a tree?". At KarateMart.com, we carry a huge variety of throwing stars that come in different sizes, colors and even shapes like throwing cards and bats. So, it can be confusing trying to decide which stars to purchase. To make the decision easier for our customers, I decided to test out a bunch of the different shuriken in our warehouse.

Here's the Video:

Here are the ninja stars I tested out in this video:

1) 6 Point Silver Throwing Star

2) Black Throwing Star Set

3) Dark Night Bat Throwers

4) Dragon Rage Shuriken

5) Death Claw Throwing Star

6) Lethal Chrome Bat Shuriken

7) Joker Throwing Cards

Are there any other throwing stars on the website that you would like to see us test out?

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