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Modern Tactical Khopesh and Other Deadly Weapons

Modern Tactical Khopesh and Other Deadly Weapons

On this week of Weapons Wednesday, Kyle had an announcement to make.  He is taking a break from filming the videos for a little bit and Amanda is going to be the new host with Melanie.  Check out their review and test of our newest and coolest weapons, which includes the Modern Tactical Khopesh.  View the video to see their inputs!

This week of Weapons Wednesday was a little bit different than most.  I appreciate our followers and I am sincerely thankful for your support throughout our time growing on YouTube.  After doing the videos for three years though, I am very tired of continuing them at this time so I am passing the torch over to Amanda and Melanie for the next couple months.  I will be back though!

The first weapon that Amanda and Melanie reviewed was the Viper Foldable Push Dagger.  The knife is very unique and really something interesting!  Not only does it have a snake-like knife design on one side of the blade, it also has a plain edge, serrated edge and a straight edge.  Of course, that's nothing in comparison to the best thing about this weapon, it can transform from a knife to a push dagger.  The handle is very comfortable with the rubberized coating, thick jimping and ergonomics.  Even when Amanda and Melanie were testing it out, they had no issues with using the knife.  The other thing that I like about this foldable push dagger is that it has a small glass breaker on the bottom to help if you're stuck in your car or anything similar to that.  Check out video to see the full review!

Next, Amanda and Melanie took a look at the Yin Yang Shuriken Set. This stars are some of the nicest new additions to our throwing weapons. Not only are they eight point throwing stars, they also come in a set of four in different colors: black, gold, silver, and titanium finish. They are very easy to throw and make sticking your target very easy. The shuriken set also has a four inch diameters which makes them some of the bigger throwing stars that we carry. They also have a very prominent yin yang design on the front, compared to the traditional kanji like most of the throwing stars that we carry have. They are secured very nicely with their heavy duty nylon sheath with a belt loop for easy carrying and storage. See the video to see these throwing stars in action!

For the third weapon, Amanda and Melanie took a look at the Arctic Assassin Samurai Sword. This sword is one of the more unique swords that we carry on the website. The 1045 carbon steel blade has a blue and white floral design on it which gives it a very elegant touch. It also features a rounded tsuba with cloud/wind type pattern that perfectly compliments the blade. The main downside is that since it has that design on top, sharpening or any form of combat could potentially cause the pattern to become damaged. The blade was able to withstand soda and a watermelon with ease though! It has gold dragon and synthetic ray skin which has become much more popular for conservation purposes. Finally, the sword has a beautiful wooden scabbard with a navy blue paint and a copper drizzle.  See the video to see this beauty in action!

Finally, the last weapon that they reviewed was the Modern Tactical Khopesh. This weapon is one of the coolest new weapons that we have on the website. It has a great history as well since it is a standard Egyptian weapon that has been updated for a modern combat.  The blade is made out of a thick 3CR13 stainless steel which is sharpened and can really take a beating without issue.  It also features a nice nylon fiber handle with black nylon rope for added comfort while using the blade.  The tang of the khopesh is approximately one third of the handle and is reminiscent of a modern axe.  Overall, this weapon really withstood anything the girls did to it and it makes a very durable, reliable weapon.  Check out the video to see what they did to it!

Here's the video:


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