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Modern Tactical Kopis Sword and Other Dangerous Weapons! ☠️

Modern Tactical Kopis Sword and Other Dangerous Weapons! ☠️
Kyle, Amanda, and Mel released their last video for a while, Modern Tactical Kopis Sword and Other Dangerous Weapons! ☠️ We got in a new modern kopis, a stun gun and a pocket knife. We wanted to showcase some of the newest items before we choose a new host, which is next week, so be sure to vote!

The first weapon that we showed off this week was obviously Amanda's favorite, the Dual Light Stun Gun. The first noticeable thing about the stun gun is that it is made out of a strong ABS plastic with an ABS pocket clip as well. To turn on the stun weapon, you would hold the bottom button for three seconds until a blue light comes on. That means that it is on standby mode. If you would like to stun someone, being in standby mode is the safest thing while you're out and about. If you press the top button once, it will turn on its flashlight with three different light modes: one regular light on top, a flood light on the side of the stun gun, and a strobe effect on the side flashlight as well. Not only does it have two light modes, there is also a magnet at the bottom of the stun gun that put it on a car, or any metal where you need a light. The most unique thing about this weapon though is that you can use the stun feature while having the light on, which is very rare for any stun weapon. For the power of the stun gun, the manufacturer says that it has 500 million volts. That's obviously not how we test it out though, so Amanda got to shock Kyle again. The last feature is that it is rechargeable with a USBC charging cable as well. Check out the video to see Kyle get shocked for one last time!

For the next weapon, Kyle showed off the Forest Ranger Pocket Knife that is only available on KOMBATIV.com This pocket knife does not look over the top but still is still well made. The knife has very comfortable green G10 scales with a texturized grip for added control. It also has a sturdy steel pocket clip as well, but what's good about it is that it can be removed if you do not want it on the knife. The pocket knife also has a VERY smooth ball bearing opening with a flipper to open it; it is so smooth that you may even think it's spring assisted! The blade itself is a straight back blade, which is a unique blade style that we haven't showed off before. The blade shape makes the tip very sharp, while also having a sharp blade as well. The blade is made out of 7CR17 MOV steel, which makes it wear and corrosion resistant as well as easy to sharpen. With its length and weight, it will make it very convenient to carry on yourself. Once again, it is only available at KOMBATIV.com. Be sure to watch the video to get the full review!

The final weapon that was reviewed was the Modern Tactical Kopis Sword. This sword is so awesome! A kopis sword is a Greek styled sword which is characterized by its single edge and recurve style blade. The first great feature about this weapon is the sheath. Not only does it have a belt loop, it has also rings to make it into a shoulder or carrying knife. When first seeing the blade, the mirror finish really gives it so much aesthetic appeal. With the shape of the sword being a bit top heavy, it has a similar feeling of using an axe. The blade is made out of 1060 high carbon steel that has been heat treated to have it react like a spring steel. This means that the sword will not break as easily and if it ever bends, you can bend it back into its original shape. There is a long false edge on the top and a large sawback area on the back. It is full tang that goes into the textured ABS plastic handle which is very comfortable while having a lot of control. Lastly, it has a lanyard hole on the bottom of the sword with a wrist strap for even more control. See the video to how awesome this weapon is!

Here's the video:

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