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Dark Tactical Naginata and Other Brutal Weapons!

Dark Tactical Naginata and Other Brutal Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at our Dark Tactical Naginata and other Brutal Weapons! Not only was there a modern naginata, there was also a spiked OTF knuckle knife and a dual blade folding knife as well. With these three awesome new weapons, you'll be impressed with how well they hold up. Check out the video and be sure to buy all of your brutal weapons at KarateMart.com!

After reading our latest YouTube comments, we took a look at the Dual Blade Knuckles. These knuckles are made completely out of 440 stainless steel with a black finish, which helps to prevent corrosion. One of the best aspects by far though is that there are very sharp, pointed teeth on the knuckles which are very intimidating. They also hurt a lot too! The other great aspect of this knife is that there are two blades attached to the knuckles as well. The blades themselves are very sharp and includes a plain edge as well as a modified serrated section. You are able to use both blades at once or you can put one down to only have one blade. The flippers on the knuckles can also be used for non-lethal and hammer strikes too. There is extensive venting all throughout the weapon which take a bit of weight off and gives it a unique, intimidating look. It also includes a nylon sheath with a belt loop. Be sure to watch the video to see this odd weapon in action!

The next weapon that we tested was the Spiked OTF Knuckle Knife that is only available on KOMBATIV.com. These things are nuts! If you watched any of our videos, you know that OTF stands for "out the front" knife, which means that the blade ejects and retracts very quickly. The casing of this knife is made out of a zinc aluminum and features real carbon fiber in the inlay on one side. The other side has a very nice rubberized grip and has a reptile like design to it. The outside also has four steel pointed spikes, a steel glass breaker, and a steel pocket clip that are all a metallic blue. There is also jimping on the case so that you have more control of the glass breaker while doing non-lethal strikes. The blade is made out of sort of stainless steel, but the manufacturer did not state what type though. Due to the blue coloring of the blade, we cannot tell what type of steel it is. The spear point blade is held very securely on the track though and there was no issues when using it with extensive strikes. It also comes with a very nice nylon case with a belt loop. Once again though, it is only available on KOMBATIV.com. Tune into the video to see how crazy these are!

The last weapon tested out today was the Dark Tactical Naginata. The case of this weapon is made out of a sturdy rubberize thermoplastic to make sure that the blade will not puncture though it. The blade itself is made out of 2CR13 stainless steel that has been heat treated to make it more durable. It has a dual tone black and silver blade with a very sharp tanto tip. The tip makes it great for spearing as well as using it for short range attacks. The handle has multiple different grip lines in various areas so that it is easy to use in different grip positions. The tang of the blade goes about a fourth of the way down the handle. Overall, this thing is awesome! Check out the video to see the full review!

Here's the video:

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