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New Martial Arts Training Gear At KarateMart.com

This stuff just keeps pouring in, so you're gonna keep hearing about it. There really are some interesting things here though. Some of it you may have seen before but I can guarantee you've never seen it here, in all its glory, on the KarateMart.com Blog. This episode is dedicated to all of the new training supplies that have recently been made available. If you're looking to increase your overall martial arts I.Q., do yourself a favor and read on.

Solid Plastic Training Gun

We picked up these Solid Plastic Training Guns to grow our already large assortment of martial arts training weapons. They look similar to our hugely popular rubber gun, but feature some key differences. For one, these have been painted brightly to leave no mistake that these are indeed training weapons. No more weird looks from the tellers when you stop by the bank after your practice sessions with one of these tucked into your belt.

**NOTE** Please do not go to the bank, a store, a retirement home, or any other public business for that matter, with one of these tucked into your pants. This will most likely result in your arrest, being laughed at, or (most likely) a combination of both. You have been warned.

Deluxe Leg Stretcher

Our Deluxe Leg Stretcher really is a handy piece of equipment to have around. If you take your martial arts training seriously, chances are you'll be looking at increasing your leg flexibility sooner or later. Unlike the metal leg stretcher we also carry, this Deluxe version creates a more controlled and cushioned way to condition those stubborn leg muscles. This baby even stretches beyond 180 degrees, just in case you felt like showing Van Damme who the real splits master is.

Balance Platform

Everyone can benefit from a little extra balance in their lives can't they? Whether you're a ninja-in-training, the next MMA super star, or somewhere in between, this Balance Platform can help you develop and strengthen your balance. Trying to do some of your usual warm-up exercises can become a workout in itself on this guy. It won't take long before you're feeling the burn in muscles you never knew existed. Just keep us in mind when you're sprinting across hand-rails and leaping up fence-posts like they were stairs.

Elastic Bandage Wrap

Let's face it: The martial arts are a risky business, and there's a very good chance that you're going to sustain an injury at some point. At least with our Elastic Bandage Wrap you'll be able to be a little more comfortable in the event of a muscle strain. Items like this and our Instant Hot Compress are only meant to relieve any discomfort from minor injuries. Any kind of injury sustained during a martial arts session should, of course, be looked at by a certified trainer or physician.

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