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New Ninja Gear Ambushes KarateMart.Com

The funny thing about ninja gear is that it's always showing up in at the craziest times, blind-siding you when you least expect it. Take the following items for example. They just appeared this past weekend. We don't know where they came from, we don't know how they got here. One thing's for sure though: the Butterfly Comb is awesome.

Yagyu Ninja Throwing Star

First up is this Yagyu Ninja Throwing Star and it's a doozy. This heavy duty throwing star has a classic, broad, 4-point, design that will have your target board wondering what it did to make you so mad. This bad boy measures 4-inches in diameter and comes in a very stylish matte black finish (so no practicing with this one at night, unless, of course, you're just that good). Other budget shuriken might be great for aspiring ninjas, but the Yagyu is for those with some notches already on their twin ninja swords.

5 Point Vented Throwing Star

The 5 Point Vented Throwing Star is about as deadly as they come. It's vented for crying out loud! This shuriken might measure in at a hefty 4-inches in diameter, but , because it's vented this baby flies through the air like a demon with a grudge. It's dressed up in the usual black matte style so popular with the ninjas today. Plus, it's vented. If Chuck Norris shot ninja stars out of his hands instead of Carbon-Steel Throwing Knives, these would be it.

**EDITOR'S NOTE** The KarateMart.Com Blog fully acknowledges the fact that Chuck Norris has no need for the use of such petty mortal weapons as Ninja Throwing Spikes, Vortex Shuriken, or Kunai Ninja Darts for that matter.

KarateMart.Com in no way wishes to incur the wrath of the great bearded juggernaut that is Chuck Norris. We are but a humble blog. Please have mercy.

Talon Throwing Star

The Talon Throwing Star could fall under the category of 'fantasy shuriken', but, honestly, I doubt anyone has fantasized about anything this vicious looking. Just look at this thing! If Sauron had spawned an army of orc-ninjas, they might use something like this. Named for the three-pointed design that resembles the talons of some carnivorous beast, this steel shuriken will let everyone that gazes upon it know just how serious a ninja you really are.

Butterfly Comb

A ninja without his Butterfly Comb is next to useless. How else is he supposed to comb his hair before embarking on a life-or-death mission? With a regular comb? Weirdo. No ninja worth his salt is going to style their hair with anything less than a comb shaped like a weapon. Plus, since the 'blade' is made of anodized aluminum, this comb can double as a last-resort weapon in the heat of battle. For those of you who still need your multi-purpose comb fix, don't forget about our comb knife. Man, who knew being a barber was so perilous?

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