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On This Week's Striking Stars: David Akers

Welcome to a brand new edition of Striking Stars, where we take a closer look at some of the surprising celebrities with martial arts backgrounds. The famous figure under out celebrity spotlight today may not be easily recognizable without a football helmet, but when he's not busy kicking a pigskin, he's taking it to a sparring partner.

Now let's get started with this week's Striking Stars: David Akers

With a near fifteen year career in the NFL, David Akers should have no regrets about the records he has managed to accomplish during that time. Holding records in everything from 'Most points in a season with no touchdowns' to 'most field goals in an NFL Season', Akers has even managed to tie the record for 'longest Field Goal in NFL history' (63 yards).

While there are many football fans who would rather focus on Akers' infamous misses rather than his scores, we would rather focus on his work outside of football. His mat-work that is.

A solid kicker on and off the field.
Today's Striking Star: David Akers

How Do You Know Him?

  • Placekicker - San Franciso 49ers
  • Placekicker - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Placekicker - Washington Redskins
  • Placekicker - Atlanta Falcons & Carolina Panthers

  • Taekwondo + NFL Placekicker = The last foot you want to be kicked with.

    Why You Shouldn't Mess With Him:

    • Nearly 15 years devoted to kicking things really hard.

    • Student of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Shaolin Kempo.

    • Even if you get a few licks in, he's got a whole team of friends bigger than you.

    Poor Niners. Maybe next year.

    Final Thoughts:

    There are a shockingly small amount of resources covering David Akers' martial arts career. I wasn't even able to confirm that he studies Taekwondo, which is odd considering the magazine cover above. While every source mentioning Akers' involvement in the martial arts does mention his studies in BJJ and Shaolin Kempo, it would be great if more interviews with him mentioned his martial arts background. I for one would love to hear more about how the skills picked up in the NFL can aid one in martial arts studies and vice versa.

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