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Sticking To Your Plan: A New Year's Resolution Update for Martial Artists

Greetings web-wandering martial artists! 2014 is well underway and March draws nigh, so what better way to keep your martial arts plans on track than for a quick check-in?

If you're like us, right about now any New Year's resolutions you may have had a choke hold on are quickly looking for any opening to escape. It happens, but you don't have to let it. No matter how big or small your martial arts goals may be this year, you can achieve them!

Keep reading for a brief rundown of martial arts resolutions that may be on your list and the appropriate counters that will keep you on track for victory!

Martial Arts Resolution #1 - Taking Your First Martial Arts Class

Maybe your martial arts resolution for the year was simply to get your foot in the door (and on a mat). Good for you! It's never too late to start a path in the martial arts. So how is it coming along? Are you well into your second month of classes with your first rank belt in sight? If not, don't beat yourself up.

For most people the prospect of searching for a reputable dojo can be an intimidating at the least. Luckily, in an time where nearly anything we could possibly want to know about well...anything is at our fingertips, it's never been easier to find a dojo that can suit your needs. Not even sure which style you're going to focus on? No biggie. Most people aren't sure which style will suit them best until they give it a try. Feel free to explore! The important thing here is to just go for it. Maybe you'll decide the style isn't for you. Maybe you'll look for a dojo that's a better fit. But you'll never know for sure until you try!

Keep checking back at the KarateMart.com Martial Arts Blog for future articles that might help you pinpoint the style that's right for you.

Martial Arts Resolution #2 - Training More Often At Home

It seems like as the years go on our lives get more and more hectic. School, jobs, families, friends, and countless other responsibilities all vie for a piece of our precious time. Yet, as most every martial artist is well aware, one cannot solely rely on class time alone if progress is to be made. Nearly all martial arts ask that the student devote time outside of the dojo. So how has your at-home training been coming along?

One of the best ways to find room for extra training time at home is to run through your daily schedule with an honest eye. No one knows better than you do how your daily routine goes. In particular, where time is spent less than ideally. Maybe you'll have to cut out that extra television show you usually watch. Or maybe you'll have to get used to putting down that video game controller earlier than usual. Are you a bit lazy when it comes to getting up in the morning? For some people, an hour of the day can easily be found in a more efficient morning routine.

At any rate, the idea here is to take an real look at your daily routine and ask yourself how serious you are about strengthening those martial arts skills. If you've already made a habit of spending an extra hour or two outside of class on your martial art, then go ahead and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Keep up the good work!

Don't see your resolution on this list? Would you like to share your experiences with other KarateMart.com Martial Arts Blog readers? Comment below! We want to encourage each and every one of our readers to let their voices be heard. The martial arts community can be one of the most positive and effective communities out there. So if you have anything that you feel may help someone else in their martial arts endeavors, please leave a comment. Someone may just return the favor someday!

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