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Dark Reaper Tactical Kama and Other New Weapons

Dark Reaper Tactical Kama and Other New Weapons

This week for Weapons Wednesday, Amanda and Mel took a look at the newest weapons that we just recently released on our website.  There were everything from karambits to kamas, and we even tested a stun gun!  Be sure to watch this shocking video on our KarateMart.com YouTube channel.

The first weapon that Amanda and Mel showed off today was the Desert Raider Karambit and the Lost Raider Karambit.   There are so many great features about these thick, 420C stainless steel weapons.  The Desert Raider Karambit has a beautiful gold finish with black and tan G10 scales.  The Lost Raider Karambit is different since it has a nice brown finish blade with blue and black G10 scales.  There is extensive jimping all throughout the karambit which makes it so comfortable in forward and extended grip.  Transitioning from reverse grip to extended grip is also very easy because of the pommel stud on the ring of the karambits.  They are also much bigger than standard karambits, which is one of my favorite features about them.  Check out the video to get the girl's full review!

Next, the girls ended up reviewing the Pink Stun Gun Keychain.  It was nice to not be involved in a stun gun for once.  This stun gun has a pink rubberized grip, so it is very comfortable to hold in your hands while using it.  One of the best sellers that this stun gun is that it has a touch safety sensor so it won't accidentally discharge while it's in your pocket, purse or anywhere else.  If you don't hold those sensors down, it cannot be used.  Not only does it feature that, it also has a bright LED flashlight and a battery indicator light so you can know when it is time to charge your stun gun.  Since it is small, it also comes with a keychain ring so you can put it on your keychains very easily.  The stun gun keychain also has a USB charging cord as well.  Everyone knows that someone needs to get stunned when watching our videos, so Mel volunteered to be tested on.  See the video to see Mel's reaction!

The next weapons that were showcased by the ladies were the Jungle Skeleton Pocket Knife and the Desert Skeleton Pocket Knife that are only available at KOMBATIV.com.  These pocket knives are awesome!  They look very similar, but there are a few differences between the two.   The Jungle Skeleton Pocket Knife has a very sturdy olive green and black hard aluminum handle with stainless steel pins.  The blade of this pocket knife is made out of D2 steel with a gray finish and has a modified clip point.  The Desert Skeleton Pocket Knife also has the aluminum and stainless steel handle, but with a tan and black coloring instead of the other version.  This blade is a modified tanto and the steel is AUS 8 stainless steel.  Both are very sturdy and are very easy to open with the smooth ball bearing system that they have.  The skeleton design of the handle significantly reduces the weight to 7 ounces.  They also also have a very nice pocket clip and small glass breaker as well. Once again, they are only available at KOMBATIV.com. View the video to see how awesome they are!

For the fourth weapon, the girls took a look at the Raging Bull Defense Knuckle.  This is quite an odd weapon to say the least.  The knuckle is all stainless steel with a black finish and it is worn on the middle finger.  It also has a small metal stud on the knuckle that makes your hits a little stronger but also can act as a glass breaker.  The defense knuckle also has a large finger hole in the middle which will fit anyone's hands.  The real interesting thing about the weapon is this design:  The looks like a skeleton, or bull, or both; it's hard to give a final say on what it is.  The "horns" act as the hand guard and the rest of the cow design makes up the remaining part of the knuckle.  Watch the video to see what this interesting weapon looks like!

The last weapon that Amanda and Mel reviewed was the Dark Reaper Tactical Kama.  Kamas were made in Feudal Japan and it was based off the sickle.  This one is more modified though compared to traditional kamas.  To begin the blade is made out of some sort of stainless steel with an all black finish (Amanda thought it was 3CR13 while Mel thought it was 440).  The handle is made out of nylon fiber and it has a very comfortable hold thanks to the cord wrapped handle.  The kama is not full tang but is secured by sturdy pins that won't cause the weapon to break.  The only downside though is that the blade was not overly sharp the tip was pretty dull.  Even with that slight downside, it was able to do damage on the soda, watermelon and wing chun dummy without issue.  Check out the video to see this awesome weapon!

Here's the video:



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