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Tips for Choosing the Best Martial Arts Studio

There are lots of factors to keep in mind when looking for a martial arts studio. Consider these tips and determine which ones are most important to you. Martial arts training should improve your lifestyle by complimenting it. Gather a list of studios in your area through an online search and follow these guidelines.

Find a Great Location. Depending on your class schedule, you will be traveling to your martial arts studio at least once a week. Look for one that is a comfortable distance from your home. If you work at an office, try to find a studio between it and your home. That way, stopping by for a session on your way home from work can easily be integrated into your routine.

Check Out the Facilities. A quality martial arts studio should provide the appropriate equipment and MMA supplies necessary for training. In some cases, a studio might be similar to a health club, offering weights, showers and a place to store your clothes while you train. Look around and note the condition of the facility. Is it clean? Does it feel safe? You should select a facility based on your needs and your budget.

Meet the Instructors. Take note of the person who will be teaching you. Is he or she approachable? Will you be comfortable taking instruction from this person? You should expect to be treated with respect, both by your instructor and by your fellow students. A negative environment is no place to learn, particularly if you are a beginner.

Know Your Budget. Price is an important factor in martial arts because the training is ongoing. You will need to ask about the studioís pricing and fee schedule. Monthly packages versus weekly can have a big impact on your cost depending on the frequency of instruction. You will find prices ranging anywhere from $50 per month to $50 per session. Some studios sell martial arts supplies as well, so be sure to check out their prices and compare them to online stores.

How Big Are the Classes? If you are expecting one on one time with your instructor, make sure it is an option in the program you are thinking of trying out. It is likely that an introductory course will be large. If you are a parent and prefer to have your child learn with other children, make sure the studio offers age-specific classes. Adults seeking adult-only sessions should ask the same question.

Ask About Styles. There are plenty of martial arts styles being taught, and chances are your neighborhood dojo offers several of them. Be sure you know exactly what you will be learning, and ask about your instructorís level of training. There is no state regulation or certification for most martial arts courses, so it is up to you to inform yourself before you pay.

Watch a Session (or Get a Free Trial). There are certain best practices to which every martial arts studio should adhere. A safe workout will always include adequate warming up and stretching and it will end with a cool down period. Any skilled martial arts trainer will demand this. Beyond showing you the basics, a sample class will also give you a feel for the instructorís style.

Ask About Ranking. Most martial arts programs have some kind of ranking system. Even if you donít care about it, the studioís expectations for you reveal a lot about its instructors. If an instructor takes a serious approach to questions about ranking, they are likely a trustworthy teacher. If he or she doesnít care about it, then you might not be getting the most value for your money and your time.

Deciding which of these factors is most important will make your decision easier. Lighten up, have an open mind and have fun! That is what martial arts are all about.

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