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Uncensored Martial Arts Mayhem? Coming Right Up!

On Tuesday, Mortal Kombat fans around the internet were given a new Legacy episode chock full of Johnny Cage drama. Taking an interesting 'reality television' approach to most of the short narrative, it did a decent job of setting up the events leading to Johnny Cage's entry into that all-too-famous of martial arts tournaments. It was dramatic, it was filled with punches to the groin, it was ...censored?

I know, I can't really explain it myself. Why would one bother censoring a webseries based on a game whose livelihood has come from excessive, over-the-top violence? Whatever, the naughty version filled with potty-mouths is below.

WARNING: This version of Episode 3 is full of foul language that younger kids may not be allowed to hear. So ask your parents. You should probably ask your parents anyway, regardless of your age. Just to see the look on their faces.

If you'd rather watch the happy version of Mortal Kombat, you can check out the original post, New Mortal Kombat: Legacy Webisode Hits The Internet. And then just imagine that instead of a fist, Johnny Cage keeps thrusting a bouquet of flowers into the faces of ne'er-do-well's repeatedly until they fall into peaceful slumber.

So THAT'S what they were saying during those 'bleep' outs! I gotta tell ya, it was killing me all week. Whew. Now I can finally look forward to a full nights sleep. What a relief.

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