Ninja Kusarigama

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Ninja Kusarigama
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Ninja Kusarigama

Price: $49.95
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The Ninja Kusarigama is one of those incredible combination weapons developed by ninjas unsatisfied with the simple kama. The first ninja to create this, who we'll call Buraito Kirian, must have been astonishingly talented with weapons. Perhaps he lived in a commune with other ninjas in feudal Japan's Iga Province. When the warlord Oda Nobunaga led tens of thousands of soldiers into the land, Kirian and his compatriots came together with their weapons expertise and desperation to save their people from foreign invaders. It was then that he proposed combining the kama and manriki gusari chain weapon.

"We must use the kama to trap or disarm our opponents," he said to his fellow ninjas. "Even the most hardened samurai warrior is an easy target when his sword has fallen on the ground."

They all nodded in approval.

"And the kusari-fundo, with its 8 oz weight, is vital to our efforts for long range attacks against our opponents and for the ability to choke them."

The fellow ninjas again nodded in agreement. One stood up and said, "What you say is true Buraito Kirian. With this new weapon, we can simultaneously choke and disembowel our foes."

The ninjas then went to work forging this new weapon. Alas, while the kusari-gama had much potential, it was too new and therefore the art of kusarigamajutsu still in its infancy. Buraito Kirian and his ninja compatriots were too few in number to stop the Oda forces from torching fields, ransacking temples, and slaughtering villagers. But the ninjas each vowed to avenge the devastation, swearing a blood oath that would last centuries.

So get yourself a Ninja Kusari-Gama today. In addition to the above features, you can also convert the chain weapon into a single kama with a 17.5" handle.

Ninja Kusari-Gama Highlights:

  • Black Steel
  • Unsharpened Blade
  • Easily Converts from a Kama to a Combo Chain Weapon
  • Good for Long and Short Range Striking, Trapping, and Snaring
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Approximate Dimensions:
    • Handle Length: 12.5" (17.5" combined)
    • Blade Length: 6 1/2"
    • Chain Length: 24"
  • Tough to master, but a favorite among aspiring ninjas!

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"This can't exactly be used like it was originally developed for, but it's actually more practical for non fatal self defense. Instead of having a chain-rope dart connected to it, it's 'weight' is basically a long chain speed nunchuck. Although not designed to accommodate fatal attacks, an unsharpened blade can still peirce a person, although it's considerably more painful."
Written By: Neil
1/13/24 - 8:13pm
"Bought this for flow arts. Very well waited. The chain was a bit shorter than I thought it would be. As a result it's harder to use the rope dart (some moves are possible) and is easier to use like a nunchuck."
Written By: Lea
5/23/23 - 8:50am
"It it a great ninja weapon"
Written By: Dalton kuhn
9/3/17 - 1:05am
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