Red Blade Tactical Kama

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Red Blade Tactical Kama
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Red Blade Tactical Kama

Price: $79.95
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Traditional Japanese farming tools look innocent, so when farmers armed themselves with sickles and stirrups, their attackers weren't ready. Today, modern materials have transformed already useful weapons into unstoppable forces. The Red Blade Tactical Kama has its roots in the Japanese sickle, with contemporary heavy duty steel kamas resembling the kamas used for reaping crops, with a few key differences that allow these weaponized versions to block, trap, and disarm, and a bold design that does anything but blend in.

This 16" crimson kama has a red and black cast stainless steel head, the deep red hue glistening as it catches light, much like the blood of enemies running down the length of a sharpened blade. The 6.25" black blade has a razor sharp edge that comes to a honed point, making it a multi-purpose blade capable of hooking, stabbing, slicing, and slashing. This sweeping, curved blade, meets the handle of this combat scythe with a generous notch at the joint, allowing the wielder to trap and disarm opponents. The vent holes in the kama's head decrease the overall weight of the tactical sickle, increasing accuracy and agility. The tang of the sharp blade extends an impressive 3.25" into the handle, secured by heavy duty bolts. This lengthy tang reduces weakness, making the steel kama stronger and more stable, and less likely to break from repeated striking and contact with other weapons in close combat.

The 15" handle of this heavy duty combat kama is made from fiberglass reinforced nylon. This composite material is ultradurable and lightweight. The entire handheld weapon weighs 1.5 pounds, clearly showing it has presence on the battlefield, but not heavy enough to become a cumbersome disadvantage. This composite fiberglass nylon is water resistant and anti-corrosive, so rust isn't a problem and cleaning is easy. The handle on this stainless steel kama won't warp due to humidity, and moisture can't sit in cracks and crevices. This nylon composite is extremely durable and difficult to break, so you won't be dealing with a handle shattered into pieces and splinters piercing your skin. The ridges on the shaft provide a sure grip on your red and black kama, and the lanyard hole gives you the option to attach a wrist strap for added security.

This modern steel kama includes a tough black nylon sheath, so you can protect the blade from damage, while protecting yourself and others from accidental injury. This durable case has a nylon strap and a snap closure, so you won't hurt yourself trying to not hurt yourself; Just slide the blade into the nylon cover and secure the black strap around the back of the kama's head by snapping the end of the strap to the sheath. When you hear the snap sound, your sickle is safe! Always give your weapon a little tug to make sure it's secure, just in case. The sheath has a strip of dense foam along the bottom, where the sharp blade abuts the edge of the case. Nylon edging along the seams is attached with heavy duty stitching to strengthen the sheath and reduce wear and tear.

This blood red and jet black weapon of war is an example of tradition combined with modern advancements to produce a portrait of intimidating reverence. Get one of these Red Blade Tactical Kamas before your enemies do!

Red Blade Tactical Kama Highlights:

  • Red & Black Stainless Steel Head
  • Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon Handle
  • Sharpened Blade
  • Extended 3 1/2" Tang
  • Tough Nylon Sheath with Snap Closure
  • Ridged Grips
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Manufactured by United Cutlery
  • Overall Length: 16" (approx.)
  • Head length: 8.25" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 6.25" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 15" (approx.)
  • Kama Weight: 1.5 pounds (approx.)

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  • "This product is very well made and very cool to own I bought2 and it was worth the price and wait"
    Written By: Cole
    12/20/22 - 5:46pm
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